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Another Conservative Voice Silenced On YouTube



A MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) TV clip posted on April 24, 2018 on the MEMRI TV YouTube channel translated and exposed anti-Semitic statements by Gaza religious scholar Khaled Hany Morshid.
The MEMRI TV clip shows Morshid at the Gaza “Return March” stating in a religious lecture that “one of the greatest duties… and best forms of worship… is to fight those Jews.”
He goes on to state that in order to stop the Jews, the “sword of jihad for the sake of Allah is brandished and they are made an example of,” and adds: “I call upon every Muslim: Do not stand idly by and let those Jews spread corruption… You must carry out glorious deeds against them.”
The same day, YouTube removed this MEMRI TV clip from the channel, with the message: “Video Removed: Inappropriate content.”
YouTube also posted on the page a notification explaining that the video had been “flagged for review” – that is, by YouTube users – and that YouTube had subsequently “determined that it violates our guidelines.”
It added, “We’ve removed it from YouTube and assigned a Community Guidelines strike, or temporary penalty, to your account” and warned: “If you receive three or more of one of the types of strikes listed above, we may have to disable your account.”
MEMRI appealed YouTube’s decision to remove the clip, explaining that it is an educational resource and part of the research of the MEMRI Lantos Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial archives, which exposes anti-Semitism in the Arab and Muslim world and provides informational infrastructure for policies and strategies to counter anti-Semitism.
This appeal was rejected by YouTube, which stated: “After further review of the content, we’ve determined that your video does violate our Community Guidelines and have upheld our original decision.”
It should be noted that at the end of every MEMRI TV clip it is stated: “MEMRI is a non-partisan, independent research institute providing research, analysis, and translation of primary materials covering a wide range of issues, including terrorism and ideological  trends in the Middle East.
These video clips are provided as a public service to an international viewing audience to bridge the language gap and better educate and inform. Material about statements by terrorists and extremists is provide to alert the public to threats, and in no way constitutes an endorsement of such activities.”
MEMRI’s previous YouTube channel, which had more than 60,000 subscribers and hundreds of millions of views, was terminated in July 2016; despite MEMRI’s numerous appeals for information to resolve the outstanding issues and to regain access to the account, we were never successful in doing so.
An article published March 2, 2017  by Tablet magazine, “Why Is YouTube Punishing People Who Translate and Expose Anti-Semitism on Its Platform?” highlighted the termination of our YouTube account. It stated: “For years, YouTube has been taking down videos that translate and expose anti-Semitism and punishing those who post them. Perhaps the most notable victim of this censorship is MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute.”
The article went on to describe the importance of MEMRI’s work, saying: “MEMRI translates television and media from across the Middle East, highlighting both bigotry and those activists who seek to fight it.” It also explains YouTube’s flagging system and how an account can be terminated like MEMRI’s was: “YouTube’s system for identifying problematic content relies on users flagging and reporting allegedly objectionable videos.
Site staff then sort through the reports and remove content at their discretion. Unfortunately, this process is easily gamed by those bigots and their sympathizers who don’t want MEMRI’s material out there.”
MEMRI Calls On YouTube To Rescind Wrongly Applied “Strike” Against Channel
MEMRI is the only organization in the world that comprehensively monitors anti-Semitism in the print and broadcast media, education systems and schoolbooks, and Friday sermons in mosques in the Arab and Muslim world, and produces hundreds of reports and videos on the material it has found.
MEMRI’s Lantos Archives on Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial are the largest archives in the world of translated Arabic, Farsi, Turkish and Urdu/Pashtu material on anti-Semitism from the past two decades.
It should be noted that in the past, MEMRI has met with YouTube to discuss the issue of jihadi and anti-Semitic content on the platform.
MEMRI has done extensive research on this subject, including how YouTube allows U.S.-designated terrorist organizations, among them Hamas and Hezbollah, to maintain multiple accounts – thus violating YouTube’s own Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.


Lets pray the present US administration deals with their arrogance.

Bill Gates Backs Plan To Live Stream Entire Earth With Big Brother Satellites



Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, has announced plans to invest in a start-up that is going to provide HD live streaming services of the entire Earth. The start-up in question, EarthNow, plans to do this by launching as many as 500 satellites to record every part of the globe.
Gates is not the only heavyweight to back these plans. Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son, and aircraft maker Airbus are also involved. That gives this project a lot of legitimacy and increases the chances of it being completed successfully.
Experts estimate that this project will cost around $1 billion, but the actual amount these individuals and companies have contributed so far remains undisclosed. This estimate is based largely on the costs of building and launching the 500 satellites, as well as the various permits and licenses involved.
The stated applications for this satellite network include tracking illegal fishing, weather forecasts, as well as keeping track of natural migrations. The live stream will be available to individuals on their phones, as well as scientists. However, the services of EarthNow will be initially available only to large companies and governments.
Though the stated purpose for this project is without a doubt noble, many groups and individuals have raised serious privacy concerns in the wake of these announcements. The main question about this project is what the satellites will actually be able to see, and how far they will be able to zoom.
Right now, it doesn’t seem as though individual privacy is in danger from this project. The cameras mounted on these satellites would likely not be able to monitor individual activity on the ground. However, there are even more important concerns than your individual privacy.
Namely, these satellites could be able to see into military bases and other classified sites. It is worth remembering that this satellite network will be in the hands of a private corporation, which is not accountable to the public. They could misuse the network to spy on governments or the business operations of their competitors.
That is why the EarthNow project is being likened to George Orwell’s Big Brother, constantly watching over you; ever-present but invisible. The leaders and backers of this project may say that it is for scientific purposes only and that it won’t be able to monitor individuals, but who is to say that their technology won’t improve to the point that they will be able to track you?
The reader may be reminded of the government surveillance scandal revealed by WikiLeaks some years ago. However, this project has the potential to be even more invasive and problematic. EarthNow is a private company, controlled by its shareholders, which now include Bill Gates and Masayoshi Son.

Inasmuch as this will be a truly global company, it would be hard for any government to rein it in on its own. There would have to be a broad agreement among various countries in order to regulate such a company.

Even more importantly, U.S. adversaries, Russia and China will likely see this as a provocation, which could induce them to collaborate on their own satellite surveillance project, in order to get access to information on U.S. bases and operations.
All in all, even though this project may seem innocuous and even noble, it sets a dangerous precedent in both international and domestic affairs. Private companies should not be given the right to watch over us without any sort of oversight by the people. This message needs to be hammered home at every turn until our representatives finally do something about it.


“Fellowship House” Near New US Embassy To Build Upon Jewish/Christian Bond

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (or “The Fellowship”) is breaking ground on its brand-new Jerusalem headquarters, a multimillion-dollar building that will provide a home in the Holy Land for visiting Christians.
In the context of what has become known as “the golden age for Jewish-Christian relations,” the center will be near the recently relocated U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, a move that many evangelical Christians in the United States strongly supported.

The building project on Chanoch Albeck Street–called the Global Fellowship House–will likely take about three years to complete, and is sandwiched in between the Western Wall and Bethlehem.

The headquarters will primarily be used as an educational facility, where Christians can learn about the Jewish roots of their faith.
According to Yael Eckstein, the Fellowship’s global executive vice president, the building is intended to be “inspirational to both the Christian visitors and beneficial for the people of Israel.”
For visitors, the project aims to provide the information needed for an inspirational experience, seeing where Christian forefathers walked and exploring holy sites, said Eckstein.
For Israel’s benefit, “Christians will pass onto the next generation support for Israel as a core principle, and we will be giving them tools to go back to respective homelands and be ambassadors for Israel,” she said.
While a sizeable number of Jews were once very skeptical of Christian support for Israel and the Jewish people (and indeed, many still are), that sentiment has changed through the years as evangelical Christians have proved to be good friends and strong supporters of the Jewish state, politically and financially.
Of late, that has been coupled with pressure by the community to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the U.S. embassy there from Tel Aviv.
U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to do so in December–on top of a warming of relations with the Jewish state and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–was championed by evangelical Christians, backed by the majority of the Jewish population in Israel and abroad.
Passing the torch to younger generations
“Jews have come to recognize that Christians are great friends of Israel, and a big fear is losing them with the next generation,” Eckstein said, noting that she hopes that the project will reach those in their 20s and 30s.
She said the Christian community has been going through a similar “soul-searching” as the Jewish community as it pertains to charitable giving and passing family traditions onto the next generation.
Young Christians will be given the opportunity to volunteer at Pantry Packers, a program run by Colel Chabad–Israel’s oldest charitable organization–which packs and distributes food for the hungry in Israel.
IFCJ supports the program, enabling Christians “to take part in doing good in Israel, strengthening in Israel, and fulfilling that biblical mandate to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and shelter the homeless,” said Eckstein.
Visitors will also be able to take month-long courses for college credits. The Fellowship is in discussion with some Christian seminaries in the United States for potential joint educational partnerships in Israel, working to provide them with pro-Israel curriculum and lectures.
Other features of the new building will include educational resources, a rabbi’s room for sermons, staff offices, a gift shop, garden, rooftop overlooking the Old City and Bethlehem, and a studio that pastors can use to address congregants and record those talks.
“While we will continue to use many different avenues of reaching the next generation,” affirmed Eckstein, “the building will consolidate these avenues into one.”


Did The Jews Steal The Palestinians’ Land?


by Lamb & Lion Ministries

Dr. Reagan: Is it true that the Jewish people stole the land of Israel from the Palestinians? Is it true that the Jewish people have no historical claim over either the land of Israel or the city of Jerusalem? The answer to these questions is very simple. The answer is — No!

The real truth is that these allegations against Israel are myths that are totally false. These myths have been propagated by both the Palestinians and the mainline press, both our national press and the international press.

These satanically-inspired myths have been perpetrated because God is fulfilling promises today that were made to the Jewish people thousands of years ago. These promises rest on a series of legal agreements, called covenants, made between God and the Jewish people, that center on the land of Israel.

Over the last two weeks on our television program Christ in Prophecywe’ve been taking a hard look at the world’s accusation that the Jews stole the land of Israel from the Palestinians.

Now, this is a very emotional argument that is used to picture the Palestinians as an oppressed and denationalized people. That picture is the one that is being used on college and university campuses all across this nation to rally young people against Israel.

So, did the Jews steal the Palestinians’ land?

Nathan Jones: You can’t steal land that isn’t legally yours. The Jews own the land legally, first and foremost, because God created the Abrahamic Covenant. Genesis 13-17 and Psalm 105 and other biblical passages reiterate the covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Jacob’s descendants hold eternal ownership to the land of Canaan, and actually somewhat beyond, for God delineated Israel’s borders from the Nile River to the Euphrates River.

Dr. Reagan: So, you’re saying first off that the Jews have title to the land given to them by God Himself?

Nathan Jones: Yes, by God Himself. God said to Jacob and his descendants basically, “This piece of land is yours forever.” Bear in mind, God also made a promise to Ishmael and his descendants — the Arabs — that his line would birth many, many people, and they would own very much land, just not the land of Canaan. True to prophecy, the Arabs possess more lands and countries than Israel will ever possess.

But, the Arabs are not satisfied with that arrangement. They want all of the land.

Dr. Reagan: Let me play the Devil’s advocate here for a moment, because when you say God gave the Jews the land, true, there is no doubt about that. That’s provided for in the Abrahamic Covenant, which is repeated over and over and over and over again in the book of Genesis.

Nathan Jones: Yes, the Abrahamic Covenant stands apart as an eternal covenant without any preconditions.

Dr. Reagan: The covenant was renewed with Abraham’s son, Isaac. It was renewed with Isaac’s son, Jacob, also called Israel. But, the Jewish descendants were disobedient to God, and so they were ejected from the land — twice. Therefore, because of the Jewish exile, they lost their title to the land of Israel, right?

Nathan Jones: No. While the Abrahamic Covenant exists as an unconditional covenant, God set up a conditional covenant with Israel called the Land Covenant, or the Canaan Covenant. This second covenant exists as a conditional covenant that depends on the Jewish people obeying God. Moses, before he died, as recorded in Deuteronomy 28-30, foretold all the blessings the Jews would have if they followed God with all their hearts. But, if they repeatedly rebelled against God, then all these curses would come: nations would invade their land and oppress them, there’d be economic problems, social problems, and political problems. And, if the Jews continued to rebel even after being disciplined, God promised the Jews would be exiled from the land for a period of time.

Dr. Reagan: Exile was to be the ultimate punishment for continued rebellion against God.

Nathan Jones: Right, exile became the ultimate punishment, and we saw God exercise that provision twice.

Dr. Reagan: But, and this is so vitally important, the Jews still retain the title deed to their land?

Nathan Jones: Yes, exactly! Again, the Abrahamic Covenant stands apart as an eternal covenant, and yet due to the Land Covenant the Jewish people have to live up to their promise to remain faithful in order to stay in the land. Even in exile, God’s covenants provide for the Jews so that they never lose ownership of their promised land, just the right to use it for a time.

Dr. Reagan: That point is emphasized in a particular passage — Psalm 105. It’s a passage that was written by King David. Psalm 105:8-11 reads, “He [God] has remembered His covenant forever. The word which He commanded to a thousand generations, the covenant which He made with Abraham, His oath to Isaac, He confirmed it to Jacob, to Israel as an everlasting covenant. Saying, ‘I will give you the land of Canaan as the portion of your inheritance.'”

I don’t know how any passage could be any clearer than that.

Nathan Jones: The Jews may have been evicted from their land — twice — due to their rebellion against God. But, true, as Psalm 105 explains, God guaranteed in His Abrahamic Covenant that the land of Israel unconditionally and forever belongs to the children of Jacob. And, as the Apostle Paul argued in Romans 9–11, “Did God reject his people? By no means! I am an Israelite myself… Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all!” And so, no, God has neither disinherited the Jewish people nor revoked His land covenants.

In summary, first the Abrahamic Covenant grants the Jews the eternal deed to the land of Israel. Second, when the Jews began returning in the early 20th Century, there was no such thing as a Palestinian. The handful of Arabs living in that wasteland sold the land back to the Jews at exorbitant prices. And third, Israel was created legally in response to a United Nations declaration passed in November 1947, which authorized the establishment of a Jewish state in the land the Romans had renamed Palestine.

You can’t steal land that’s already legally yours.

Dr. Reagan: God gave the Jewish people the land of Israel. It’s their land forever, no exceptions!

Endgame for the U.S. -Turkey relationship

by Caroline Glick


NATO ally Turkey withdrew its ambassador from Washington. The severe step is meant to punish the U.S. for opening an embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.

Also Monday, Turkey expelled Israel’s ambassador to Turkey. It had already withdrawn its ambassador from Tel Aviv.

In a speech at Chatham House on Monday, Turkish President Reçep Tayyip Erdogan called Israel a “terror state,” and accused Israel of carrying out a “genocide.”

Indicating his view that the U.S. is also responsible for the so-called “genocide,” Erdogan said, “I condemn this humanitarian drama, this genocide, from whichever side it comes, Israel or America.”

Turning his attention to Washington, Erdogan accused the U.S. of violating international law by recognizing Israel’s capital and moving its embassy to Jerusalem. He insisted that following the embassy move, the U.S. can no longer mediate the Palestinian conflict with Israel.

As Erdogan was condemning Israel and the U.S. in London, protesters in Ankara were burning Israeli and American flags at a mass rally. One speaker at the rally referred to the American people as “dogs.” The rally was organized by Turkey’s Islamist IHH group. IHH, which is aligned with Hamas and al Qaeda, has close relations with the Erdogan regime.

Also Monday, Turkey called an emergency meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Istanbul. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that immediately after the conference, a mass protest against Israel would be held at Istanbul’s central thoroughfare.

It would be easy to dismiss Erdogan’s latest moves as simply another expression of his hatred for Israel and Jews. By this line of thinking, the Turks are not hostile towards U.S. per se when Erdogan accuses the U.S. of committing genocide, and Turkish pro-regime demonstrators burn the U.S. flag. Erdogan and his followers are just sore at Washington for siding with the Jews.

That is, Erdogan’s anti-Americanism is a function of his anti-Jewish bigotry.

While it is certainly true that Erdogan is a raging anti-Jewish bigot and hater of Israel, antisemitism is only a partial explanation of his behavior.

On Thursday, Israeli Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin offered another explanation. After calling for Israelis to forego travel to Turkey, Levin said that Erdogan is striking out against Israel – and presumably the U.S. – as part of his election campaign. (Next week Turkey is holding parliamentary elections.)

Levin said, “Unfortunately, Turkey has a leader who repeatedly exploits Israel to make headlines for himself and to mobilize support ahead of elections. I would view the steps that Turkey has taken in terms of [next week’s] elections.”

The problem with explanations like Levin’s or the notion that Turkey’s anti-Americanism stems entirely from its hatred of Israel is that they ignore Erdogan’s view of elections on the one hand, and the purpose of his anti-Israel and anti-Jewish policies and his anti-Americanism on the other hand.

In regards to elections, Erdogan has made clear repeatedly over his 16 years in power that he will not allow election results to determine Turkey’s trajectory. In June 2015 elections, Erdogan’s Islamist AKP party lost its parliamentary majority. Rather than accept the loss, he called for new elections. Those elections, held in November 2015, unsurprisingly brought the desired results.

In an interview with Bloomberg on Tuesday, Erdogan would not rule out — indeed he all but admitted — that he will repeat the practice in the event his ruling AKP party fails to retain its parliamentary majority in the coming poll.

So, contrary to Levin’s assessment, Erdogan really doesn’t care about elections. His latest diatribes and actions against Israel and the U.S. do not stem from electoral considerations.

As for the role his Jew-hatred plays in determining his policies towards Israel and the U.S., while it is possible, indeed probable, that some of his policies are the result of his vituperative hatred of all things Jewish, the fact is that Erdogan uses hatred of Jews, which is widely shared by more than 70 percent of Turks, to advance a much larger goal.

To understand that goal, it is important to recognize Erdogan’s history with various U.S. administrations.

Erdogan was upheld by both the Bush and Obama administrations as a paragon of a moderate Muslim leader. To secure U.S. support, Erdogan was perfectly happy to let them believe that. But while he was basking in the support of the likes of Condoleezza Rice and Barack Obama,(who referred to Erdogan as one of five foreign leaders with whom he had formed “bonds of trust”), Erdogan repeatedly rejected the notion that there is such a thing as moderate Islam.

Erdogan never has made his true goal a secret. In his 16 years in power, he has enacted a slow motion revolution in Turkey. The Turkey he took over in 2002 was the secular republic formed by Ataturk on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of World War I. Ataturk appointed the Turkish military as the constitutionally-mandated guardian of Turkey’s new secular order.

Military protection of secularism was necessary because, as Samuel Huntington explained in his book Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the World Order, Turkey was always a “torn” society. It was never able to strike a balance between Islam, secularism, and Western identity.

Turkish scholar and former Pentagon official Harold Rhode explains in the book Ally No More: Erdogan’s New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West that Erdogan represents the majority of Turks who never accepted the regime’s secularism. Since entering office, he has used public support as well as U.S. backing to dismantle the secular state over time. He replaced the secularists who controlled the media, the judiciary, civil service, law enforcement, and education with Islamists who share his goal of transforming Turkey into an Islamic state. The failed July 2016 coup gave Erdogan a pretext to purge the military brutally of all pockets of secular resistance.

Erdogan’s aspirations are not limited to Turkey. Indeed, Rhode explains, his goals extends far beyond Turkey. Erdogan intends to restore the Ottoman Empire and install himself as the caliph, or leader of the Islamic world.

As Rhode notes, Erdogan made his aspirations clear during a victory speech following his reelection to a third term as Turkish prime minister in 2011. Erdogan said, “Today, our victory here in Turkey is as important [here] as it is in Sarajevo [the capital of Bosnia]; in Izmir [Turkey] as it is in for Beirut, this victory is as important in Ankara as it is in Damascus…in Turkey as it is in Ramallah, Jenin and in Jerusalem.”

Like the Iranian regime, which shares Erdogan’s ambition to lead the Islamic world, the chief sociological obstacle Erdogan faces in achieving his goal of leading the Islamic world is that Turkey is not an Arab state. To overcome this racial impediment, Erdogan has latched onto Islamic hatred of Israel and of the Jews as a means to prove his worth.

Thus Erdogan competes with the Iranian regime for the mantle of Hamas’s chief sponsor. Hamas’s operational headquarters are in Istanbul. Most of the lethal terror attacks the group carried out against Israelis in recent years were directed from Hamas offices in Turkey. Turkey serves as a hub for financial transfers and money laundering operations for Hamas. And Erdogan is Hamas’s chief advocate in international forums.

For Erdogan, propagating hatred for America is another key feature of his efforts to seize leadership of the Islamic world. Since entering power, he has inculcated deep-seated hatred of the West generally, and the United States specifically, into Turkish society. Television shows, movies and books have been released that spew conspiracy theories demonizing Americans and America.

It seems a day doesn’t go by without Erdogan or one of his underlings saying or doing something deeply hostile to Israel, or a report emerging about another Turkish policyadopted to harm the Jewish state. Likewise, it seems a a week doesn’t go by without Erdogan saying or doing something deeply hostile to the U.S., its citizens, or its strategic interests.

This week, Israel’s foreign ministry debated whether or not to cut off diplomatic relations with Turkey altogether. As Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely explained in a radio interview Thursday, the decision was made to keep formal ties intact. Most of the flights of Israel’s national airline, El Al, overfly Turkish airspace, Israel has considerable trade with Turkey, and Turkey has a significant Jewish community that is increasingly at risk, she explained.

While this is all true, given Erdogan’s desired end state, it is clear that Israel should have contingency plans ready to surmount the challenges to air travel and trade for the day Erdogan cuts off relations with Jerusalem.

Parallel to Israel’s discussions, it is reasonable to assume that Erdogan’s viciously anti-American statements and actions have provoked Washington policymakers to conduct cost-benefit analyses of Turkey’s continued membership in NATO. The reasoning presumably concludes that it is better for the U.S. to betray its Kurdish allies in Syria and Iraq and other shocking displays of Turkish treachery than lose its bases in Turkey.

While these considerations are not ridiculous, like Israel’s assessment of the desirability of continued diplomatic ties to Erdogan’s Turkey, they are largely missing the point.

Sixteen  years ago, Erdogan launched Turkey on a trajectory that is implacably hostile and antithetical to the very notion of a Turkish-U.S. alliance, let alone to continued Turkish membership in NATO.

Unless U.S. cost-benefit analyses are based on that basic fact, their conclusions are largely irrelevant to the strategic challenge Erdogan’s Turkey poses to the U.S.