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In chapter seven of my book I demonstrate how Bible commentators in the past have made mistakes in labeling Daniel’s first three beast/empires to come on the world scene [Dan 7] because they had incorrectly applied a present tense interpretation to Dan 7:17  (“these beasts are four kings that shall arise…“) The phrase “shall arise” being future tense.

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A similar mistake has been made with the interpretation of the beast described in  Revelation 17:8-14. In this case the most commonly agreed upon, has it that the seven heads represent seven kingdoms, beginning with modern-day Rome (the European Union) and counting back to Egypt.

7. EU

6. Ancient Rome

5. Greece

4. Medo-Persia

3. Babylon

2. Assyria

1. Egypt

But once again, the commentators have missed the fact that John is told in Rev 4:1 that he was about to be shown “things which must be hereafter.” That word “hereafter” is future tense. That means everything he is shown takes place some time future to his experience on the Isle of Patmos. They are also mistranslating the original Greek to read ‘kingdoms’ when it should be translated ‘kings’.

Another point missed, is Rev 17:17 tells us the ten horns will “give their kingdom to the beast…” That is “kingdom” singular, not seven kingdoms.

The kingdom in focus was The Holy Roman Empire, which is reviving in the form of the European Union/Union for the Mediterranean, and which will produce the 8th king – The Antichrist.

In my Book: Daniel’s Seal Broken. Antichrist’s Nephilim Origin Revealed I make my case, and I reveal who I believe will fulfill the roll of that 8th king.

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Giving voice to the opposition

Never let it be said that I will not consider the views put forward by those who disagree with me.

Gaylene Goodroad of the Discernment Research Group has posted this article to tell us all we are indulging in heresy by taking Genesis 6:4 literally. I wonder how she thinks we should take it.

Herescope: Nephilim Eschatology

  1. Many of the people in the Goodroad camp scoff at us who take Genesis 6:4 literally, and cry foul when we mention non-biblical books, like Enoch and Jasher to bolster our interpretation.
    Read this real life report on the scientific community’s race to produce chimeras. Then go read what Jasher and Enoch said was happening in their time: