Giving voice to the opposition

Never let it be said that I will not consider the views put forward by those who disagree with me.

Gaylene Goodroad of the Discernment Research Group has posted this article to tell us all we are indulging in heresy by taking Genesis 6:4 literally. I wonder how she thinks we should take it.

Herescope: Nephilim Eschatology

  1. Many of the people in the Goodroad camp scoff at us who take Genesis 6:4 literally, and cry foul when we mention non-biblical books, like Enoch and Jasher to bolster our interpretation.
    Read this real life report on the scientific community’s race to produce chimeras. Then go read what Jasher and Enoch said was happening in their time:

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6 responses to “Giving voice to the opposition”

  1. jeremiahjames2013 says :

    “… to tell us all we are indulging in heresy by taking Genesis 6:4 literally.”

    Oh good: someone who takes Genesis 6:4 literally.

    After reading Genesis 6:4, which came first, the giants or the union of sons of God (whoever they may be) and the daughters of men?

    There were giants in the earth in those days; and ALSO AFTER that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men…
    –Genesis 6:4

    Were the giants already in the earth when when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men?

    The giants were in the earth and ALSO AFTER the union of sons and daughters. So the giants were not the result of some unholy union. They were “in the earth” before the sons and daughters ever got together.

    2 Samuel 21:20 and 1 Samuel 17:25 also clearly tells us that these giants were MEN–even the six-fingered ones of Gath. The Hebrew word for “man” means a male human. So the giants were not some genetic hybrid science fiction creation or monsters as the false teachers would have people believe. The Bible says very clearly they were men.

    The prophets of the science fiction church are lying. They are false teachers.

    Jesus said that the penalty for being deceived is the same as for the one doing the deceiving.

    “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, BOTH shall fall into the ditch.”
    –Matthew 15:14

    Jasher and Enoch are not part of the Bible for a reason: they are not inspired. They contradict the Bible (they even contradict each other). To elevate them to the level of Scripture has been the goal of gnostics since Paul’s time.

    The race to produce chimeras doesn’t prove anything except that deception is rampant. These non-Biblical deceptions are being taught and proclaimed for a reason: they will contribute to the end times deception–about which we are repeatedly warned. Satan has a plan. He concocts fake scripture, gets men who will teach it for money, and then has others who will make the fake teachings appear so as to deceive men.

    The popular science fiction eschatology, as well as many other cunningly devised Christian fables, are the product of the last 80-120 years. These were not Christian teachings. Only in our time, a time of great apostasy, have these doctrines gained any followers outside of the secret societies and the various cults which kept these heresies (and yes, they are) alive.

    When I was a new Christian, I believed this stuff. Until God, in His infinite mercy, opened my eyes.

    I pray He does the same for others.

    • Phil Mayo says :

      Hi. Thanks for your comment. I can only suggest you do some research into the English grammar of King James’ time, and the original language Gen 6:4 was translated from. You will than be able to see that you are totally misunderstanding what is being said. You will also realise that your last statement regarding the “product of the last 80 – 120 years” is out by a few thousand years.

      • jeremiahjames2013 says :

        Specifically, what “research into the English grammar of King James’ time and the original language Gen 6:4 was translated from” would change the clear meaning of the Gen 6:4?

        And what research into Hebrew would change the clear meaning of the word “man” of 1 and 2 Samuel?

        There is NOTHING OUTSIDE OF GNOSTICISM which support these teachings. These myths were not a part of Christianity before our time. There were several “Christian” teachers with backgrounds in esoterica like Pember, but nothing outside of that. And you are correct: there are a “few thousand years” of writing to back this doctrine up. However, it is not Christian writing, it is gnostic doctrine.

        Because there is nothing in the Bible or Christianity to support these teachings, there’s been such a heavy reliance on extra-Biblical sources such as apocrypha, pagan myths and legends, mysticism, papal communiques and gnostic writings. Which is what the entire nephilim/giant/ET/half-human hybrids myth is.

        It is gnosticism.

        Gnositicism always seeks to divide the Body of Christ into two parts: those who have the ‘secret knowledge’ and the spirituality that such knowledge provides–and the rest of the Church who is forced to rely on the Bible alone. It seeks to establish a dividing point by something other than SIN.

        And so these teachings seek to pervert the clear meaning of the Genesis flood verses. It no longer is about man’s wickedness. It is no longer about man’s sinful condition. It is about man’s DNA and the corruption of man by forces beyond his control.

        I am well aware that when a person has made a spiritual decision about a matter such as this, no amount of evidence, Bible verses, logic or history will change his mind. In such a case, we are to pray that God opens his eyes to receive His Word.

        Thanks for publishing my comment and the reply. Most places won’t do that.

        PS. Having said all of the above, does not mean that I don’t think we will see the appearance of such giants and human hybrids in the future. To the contrary, I am convinced that we WILL see such creatures.

        Not because of what the Bible says about them, but because the enemy has invested much time and resources over the last 80-120 years to ensure that many know about these creatures. His servants will then create the creatures–and I do believe that is currently or has already occurred. These creatures will be used for further future deceptions.

        The nephilim/giants doctrines are only one front where this occurred. What has resulted over the last 80-120 years is that the end times which most moderns are expecting is not the events of the Bible (which God controls), but a series of events which man controls.

        Thanks again for your reply.

      • Phil Mayo says :

        Hi again.
        What is being said is that Nephilim/Giants existed both before and after the flood, and that they were the offspring of angels and human females. Nothing about something that happened outside of man’s control. This was a sinful act on the part of both angel and woman. In fact, this is why I believe the Antichrist is referred to as ‘Man Of Sin’. All men are sinners, but he is singled out as being ‘Of Sin’ – The product of this unholy union.

        These aren’t Gnostic concepts, they are God spoken facts, translated into King James English. That same King James English also refers to Jesus Christ as a man. Does this mean he wasn’t also God? Of course it doesn’t! It also refers to angels as men (Daniel 9:21 “Yea, whiles I was speaking in prayer, even the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning, being caused to fly swiftly, touched me about the time of the evening oblation”).

        Be consistent in your use of benchmark scriptures. Leave the cherry picking to the Gnostics!

  2. jeremiahjames2013 says :

    “What is being said is that Nephilim/Giants existed both before and after the flood, and that they were the offspring of angels and human females.”

    What Genesis 6;4 says is clear: there were already giants before the sons of God came unto the daughters of men. They were not the result of of angelic-human couplings.

    “There were giants in the earth in those days; AND ALSO AFTER THAT, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men,,,:

    The giants clearly came before any union of the sons of God and the daughters of men. Is this not correct?

    Of course, the man of sin isn’t a gnostic concept. That was never claimed.

    Here are the gnostic concepts:1- that there were unholy unions of men and fallen angels that produced angel-human hybrids/giants. 2- That this genetic corruption was the reason for the flood, not sin; not the wickedness of men. 3- That these creatures will appear in the end times, that the scary guy known as the antichrist will be part of this serpent seed. 4- That we can identify this bloodline through DNA testing; and, 5- that somehow we should be watching for the return of giants/nephilim before Jesus comes back.

    Those are gnostic concepts.

    “Nothing about something that happened outside of man’s control.”

    Of course not. I am pointing out that when these teachings are followed, they transfer control of supposed end time events from God to man. You may or may not agree.

    And with that, I’ll give you the last word. It’s been an interesting discussion.

    Interesting site you have here. You’ve clearly done some work.

    • Phil Mayo says :

      You are taking your position on Gen 6:4 from bible commentators like Gill, whom I have shown to be incorrect in his knowledge of history, and bottom of the class in English grammar. It is clear to anyone who isn’t determined to have it another way, that what is said is the Giants/Nephilim were the result of the mating of angels and women.

      That Gnostic writings may include similar points to that which I agree with, means nothing. Any forger wishing to get their book accepted as inspired, will know they need to include as much truth as possible.

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