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Israel: The Country That Europeans Love To Hate

By Guy Millière/Gatestone Institute
On July 7, UNESCO voted for a resolution defining the Old City of Hebron and the Cave of the Patriarchs as Palestinian heritage sites. Before that, in 2016, two resolutions making the same type of counterfactual assertions concerning the Old City of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall were adopted.
And the year before that, in 2015, UNESCO again upended history to rename two ancient biblical sites, Rachel’s Tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs, Islamic holy sites — even though Islam did not even exist at that time.
Three days before this month’s Hebron resolution, still another resolution, reaffirming the Jerusalem resolutions, was passed.
The Israeli government reacted with indignation. It decided to stop cooperating with UNESCO. US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said she was shocked and that the decision would not be without consequences.
The rest of the world has remained silent. How come?
The July 7 resolution received the support of a large majority of the countries participating in the deliberations. Six countries abstained. Only three countries voted against the text. The resolutions concerning Jerusalem were adopted with equally significant majorities. The voting, tellingly, took place by secret ballot.
The purpose of UNESCO is supposedly to:
“contribute to peace and security by promoting collaboration among the nations through education, science and culture in order to further universal respect for justice, for the rule of law and for the human rights and fundamental freedoms which are affirmed for the peoples of the world, without distinction of race, sex, language or religion, by the Charter of the United Nations.”
Sadly, UNESCO has become simply an anti-Semitic fraud, governed by fabrications rather than by facts. It betrays its mission, falsifies history, and wages a campaign of raw racism against the Jewish people and Judaism — and the world accepts that.
UNESCO acts as an instrument for propaganda seeking to annihilate the legitimacy of the existence of Israel — and the world supports this behavior.
The Palestinian Authority (PA), which aspires to replace Israel with itself, is behind the resolutions on Jerusalem and Hebron and plays a key role in the transformation of UNESCO.
The PA has constantly advocated and supported terrorism and has never stopped wanting to destroy Israel. Allowing the PA to have entered UNESCO is now having serious consequences.
That the Muslim world supports the transformation of UNESCO and the resolutions proposed by the Palestinian Authority is predictable. Many Muslim countries directly or indirectly finance terrorism and approve the PA’s genocidal goals.
A large part of the Muslim world mentally lives in a parallel reality, in which a seventh century “Muslim history” of the world replaces the factual history of the world. The Muslim world considers itself in a conflict with the Western world, and sees Israel as a Western enclave to be excised or at least suppressed.
That Third World countries also support the transformation of UNESCO and these resolutions is also predictable. Many Third World countries are imbued with an anti-Western resentment that leads them to conclude that that they are in a conflict with the West and must therefore support decisions taken by the countries of the Muslim world.
What is worrying is that most European countries, with few exceptions, accept these resolutions and the transformation of UNESCO.
Seven decades after the Holocaust, European countries act as if they would like to destroy all evidence of the existence of Jews — and with it, their own complicity.
Europe, while claiming that it has the utmost respect for knowledge, tramples on the most basic elements of knowledge.
No worthy historian can deny that Jerusalem — especially so-called East Jerusalem — was the seat of the City of David; the first and second Temples that were destroyed in 586 BC and 70 AD; the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. Hebron, Rachel’s Tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs are also essential places of the Jews’ biblical past. The Islamic invasions of Jerusalem and Judea took place centuries later.
Moreover, although Europe claims to respect human rights and the rights of peoples, it has been a party to violating the most essential right of the Jewish people: the recognition of its existence for more than 3,000 years, and the anchoring of this existence to its sacred monuments.
Worse, Europe does so in the name of a people fictitiously invented less than 50 years ago. No serious scholar can find any trace of a “Palestinian people” before the 1960s. Europe has apparently been all too happy to accept lies.
Despite claiming to be resolutely hostile to anti-Semitism, Europe supports and endorses decisions that deny the Jewish character of the most essential Jewish sites, thereby denying the foundations of Judaism and consequently even denying the existence of a Jewish people.
Although self-righteously claiming to be ready to fight any form of genocide, Europe keeps contributing to this more subtle genocide against the Jews, behind which it is not difficult to see a Palestinian desire for real genocide.
While claiming to fight terrorism, Europe complies with the demands of a terrorist movement that does not even bother to hide its terrorist nature. When Mahmoud Abbas speaks Arabic, he continually incites the murder of Jews.
He recently repeated that he would not stop paying salaries to tried, convicted and imprisoned murderers of Jews, and still calls these murderers heroic “martyrs”. On all maps used by the Palestinian Authority and in Palestinian textbooks, Israel does not exist; it is labelled as Palestine.
A decade ago, a Spanish writer, Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez, wrote that Europe died in Auschwitz. He may well be right.
In 1945, Europe, the continent of Nazism, was in ruins, physically and morally. It had caused a World War so gruesome — the crimes committed on its soil were so abominable — that it did not have the courage to face them for more than two decades.
Europe rebuilt itself by affirming noble-sounding values of “integration” in the abstract, but without any thought to where they could lead.
As Europe had made Nazism the source of all evil, European leaders, in a desperate attempt to ward off their past, came to reject nationalism, patriotism, all Western national identities and now, it appears, even Western Enlightenment culture.


Most European countries, to show that they had fully turned the page, advocated peace at any price and gradually slipped into a spirit of submission.
Europeans, imbued with a generic sense of guilt, began attributing all that is wrong in the world to Western civilization. Because they had colonized parts of the Muslim world, they failed to note that Muslim culture had, in fact, colonized Persia, the Byzantine Empire, the Middle East, Greece, Cyprus, the Balkans, North Africa, Southern Spain, and, more recently, northern Cyprus.
Europe has rewritten history. In the textbooks of most European countries, the West is described almost unanimously as having “plundered” and “exploited” poor countries; never mind that poor countries were for centuries just as plundered and exploited by the Ottoman Empire. Europe has gradually abandoned itself to exaggerated repentance and Islamic influence.
In Europe today, Islam is inaccurately presented as imbued with tolerance and as having been “humiliated” by the West. Slavery is portrayed solely as a Western crime, despite still being common in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Sudan and elsewhere in the Muslim world.
In 2014, the United Nations estimated that 21 million people are still “trapped in slavery” — a number equivalent to the entire population of Romania. In Europe, however, slavery in the Muslim world is never mentioned. Islamic anti-Semitism is never mentioned, either. It is thought of merely as a “far-right” monstrosity.
Europe began to face the horror of the Holocaust only in the late 1970s, when an American television series, Holocaust, directed by Marvin Chomsky, was broadcast. A “duty of memory” was proclaimed.
At the same time, Europe was becoming increasingly anti-Israel — considered by polite society a respectable way of hating Jews.
Europeans now accuse Israel of “crimes” under the pretext of supporting the “Palestinian cause”. Europeans do not support genuine help for the Palestinians, such as freedom of speech, more and better jobs, human rights or uncorrupt governance; they just support the noble-sounding abstract idea of a “Palestinian state” — but one that would like to eliminate Israel.
The destruction of Israel, under the name of the “peace process” became for European leaders a way to show that they sympathized with Islam, “understood” the “mischief of the West “, and were searching for a way to exonerate themselves from their guilt regarding their treatment of the Jews — while at the same time, surreptitiously, continuing to undermine them.
The thinking seems to be: if Israeli Jews are supposedly committing crimes similar to Nazi crimes — which they are not — one can claim that anyone can be a Nazi, even Jews; that accordingly the Jews are not so innocent, after all, and therefore deserve whatever might be coming to them.
Israel, the country that Europeans love to hate, is thereby not only made to embody the “mischief of the West” in the eyes of the Muslim world; it can comfortably be accused of anything without fear of retaliation.
Israel also happen to embody what Europe rejects: it is a nation-state proud of its identity. It does not have the luxury of talking blindly about “peace” while submitting to its enemies.
By accepting the decisions taken at UNESCO, European countries are unfortunately taking yet more steps in the direction of cowardice and their own self-destruction.
In a speech on July 5 in Warsaw, US President Donald Trump, recalling the accomplishments of Western civilization, observed that the fundamental question of our time is whether or not the West has the will to survive.
Just two days later, the UNESCO resolution on Hebron was voted on in Krakow, fewer than 50 miles from the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. Before the vote, Carmel Shama-Hacohen, Israel’s ambassador to UNESCO, remarked that the UNESCO meeting was held near the largest mass grave of the Jewish people.
His remarks clearly did not faze any of the participants, or induce anyone in Europe to think about the symbolic dimension of a vote like that in a place like that.
Obscenely — and in a massive insult to the memory of those who died in Auschwitz — a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the Holocaust was immediately followed by a minute of silence in memory of the “victims of Israel”.
The Europeans, in other words, participated in one minute of silence for a free and democratic country which for seven decades has sued for peace, and one minute of silence for a repressive government that promotes and sponsors terrorism. Such a false moral equivalence could not have been more illuminating.
Europe has turned its back on Judaism — which brought the first social laws to the West, and without which the West would not exist. By behaving ignominiously towards Israel and the Jews, and by supporting the anti-Jewish hatred ingrained in the Palestinian cause, as embodied by the Palestinian Authority, Europe continues to turn its back on all the values it professes to embody.
One can only assume that Europe has lost the will to survive as a part of the West.
Israel and the United States, on the other hand, by being outraged over what has become of UNESCO, at least show respect for the values that have made the West great.
Showing full respect for these values, however, still involves a decision that should have been taken long ago: leaving UNESCO. Countries that still have a sense of decency have no place in an organization that has become so corrupted.
Israeli journalists have attributed responsibility for the murderous attack on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on July 14 to these recent UNESCO resolutions, which have only emboldened Israel’s enemies to continue their attempted genocide.
UNESCO’s latest decision — defining Jerusalem as “Palestinian” and supposedly as “illegally occupied” — has led Israel’s enemies to conclude that UNESCO has given attacks in Jerusalem or Hebron a green-light legitimacy.
Based on UNESCO’s fraudulent decisions, who can blame them for thinking that?

Israel Grapples With Iran’s Growing Military Presence In Syria

By Yaakov Lappin/
With the help of its powerful allies, President Bashar al-Assad’s regime is gradually consolidating its grip over parts of Syria.
The six-year Syrian conflict has long ceased being a civil war, and Assad is no independent actor, but rather, he is part of an Iranian-led regional coalition.
Assad’s recent victories are setting the stage for the continued spread of his steadfast backer, Iran, and its network of heavily armed Shi’a proxies.
Israel has been issuing stern warnings to Iran, telling it not to repeat past efforts to use its presence in Syria to set up bases of attack against Israeli targets.
The Jewish state has been frequently dealing with errant fire from Syria landing in Israeli territory in the Golan Heights–nearly 20 such instances in recent weeks.
Israel usually responds by firing on Syrian regime targets and vowing to respond to every breach of its territory.
Israel’s wider concern, however, is that wherever Assad’s forces end up rolling into, Iran’s influence tends to appear.
Most recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cautiously welcomed a southern Syria cease-fire, brokered by the U.S. and Russia, that came into effect Sunday.
The cease-fire followed Israel’s reported push for Russia and the U.S. to establish a buffer zone in southern Syria where the Hezbollah terror group and other Iranian proxies would not be allowed to operate.
Tens of thousands of Iranian-backed Shi’a militia members are currently operating across Syria. Under Iranian command, they combat Sunni rebel organizations seeking to depose the Assad regime.
Tehran is also working to link up its forces in Iraq together with those in Syria, with the goal of creating a continuous land corridor that stretches from Iran to Lebanon.
Meanwhile, Iran continues to use Syria as a transit zone for the trafficking of weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran has overseen the construction of weapons factories in Syria–and now in Lebanon, too–that can produce accurate missiles for Hezbollah.


Dr. Eitan Shamir, former head of the National Security Doctrine Department in Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, told Israel should deal with Iran’s threatening activities in Syria by setting up and enforcing “a number of red lines.”
Red lines would include a ban on actions directly threatening Israeli security, such as the construction of a missile launch system in the Syrian Golan Heights, said Shamir, a researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies.
“Secondly, there should be a continuation of what the [Israeli] military calls ‘the war between wars,’ the continuous offensive intelligence and thwarting activities. At the same time, there should be serious preparation for the scenario of war,” Shamir said.
During the last six years, Israel has reportedly waged a low-profile campaign to selectively target the Iranian-Hezbollah weapons trafficking network in Syria.
In Shamir’s estimation, the IDF needs to safeguard its size and strength in light of the developing threats to the north.
“Mainly, it must continue to strengthen the ground maneuvering army, in case of an eruption on multiple fronts. That means continuing to invest a lot in the IDF, and not making cuts because it’s fashionable,” he said.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its overseas elite unit, the Quds Force, have in the past attempted to exploit their presence in southern Syria to orchestrate attacks on Israel, resulting in reported deadly Israeli airstrikes.
Israel’s defense establishment is closely monitoring the crowded Syrian arena, always on the lookout for a renewed Iranian attempt to set up bases of attack, or attempts by Hezbollah–Iran’s Shi’a-Lebanese terrorist army–to move into southern Syria, thereby threatening Israel from both Lebanon and Syria.
Iran’s push into Syria has been successful so far, Shamir said.
“The Iranians have obtained an outpost in this area,” he said, explaining that the Islamic Republic is using forces such as Hezbollah, Shi’a Iraqis and foreign Shi’a legions from across the Muslim world “so that the price is less painful” for Iran.
Dr. Ely Karmon, a senior research scholar at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, told the Iranians are trying to exploit Russia’s intervention in Syria.
Prior to Russia’s entrance into Syria and its management of the air war against Sunni organizations, the Iranian-backed forces failed to stop the rebels.
Russia’s intervention “changed the map,” Karmon said, noting the “big victory” for Assad and his Shi’a allies in Aleppo. Now, he said, “they are trying to do the same in south Syria.
But here, they have a problem. Israel, Jordan and the Americans are opposed to their spread.” All three nations could act to prevent Iran from moving into southern Syria.
Currently, Iran is commanding some 6,000 Hezbollah fighters, 7,000 Iraqis and some 20,000-30,000 Afghan Shi’a combatants in Iran, as well as some 100,000 Shi’a militia members in neighboring Iraq.
The Iranians also built up a pro-Assad militia composed of local Syrians, called the National Defense Forces, which has tens of thousands of members.
“The fact that the Iranians are integrated with Assad’s army, and are trying to link up their forces from Iraq and Syria,” Karmon said, shows how they are trying to create the land corridor from Iran to Lebanon.
The Iranians could come back and try to attack Israel from southern Syria, and are also seeking to create a port on the Syrian Mediterranean coastline, he warned.
“There’s no doubt that this is their strategy,” Karmon said. “At this stage, they are succeeding–hence we are seeing warnings by Israeli leaders.” Yet Karmon expressed hope that the U.S. could work with Russia to create Iran-free zones in southern Syria.
He said reports of Israeli cooperation with moderate Sunni rebels near the Israeli border could form a part of Israeli efforts to keep the Iranians at bay.
But Israel cannot rely on America stopping Iran in Syria, Karmon cautioned.
“I think Israel must be ready, if the U.S. won’t take steps vis-a-vis the Russians [to curb Iran],” he said. “Israel must see an Iranian presence on its border as a casus belli [justification for war].”


(Israel Today Staff)
One of the cornerstone understandings of the original Israeli-Palestinian peace process was that a future Palestinian state would be notably different from the neighboring Muslim Arab authoritarian regimes.
We now know that won’t be the case, and evidence to that effect keeps mounting.
Take women’s rights, for instance. Currently, Israel is the one place in the Middle East where women enjoy full equality with men. The assumption was that a Palestinian state would be the same.
It won’t! Nor do the Palestinians themselves want it to be.
A women’s study conducted by the United Nations discovered that most Palestinians, both men and women, hold very troubling views when it comes to the treatment of the fairer sex.
Among Palestinian men, 64 percent believe that a woman who dresses provocatively (a subjective term) deserve to be raped. Fifty-two percent said that a woman found in public places at night should suffer the same fate.
And once they’ve been raped, 57 percent of Palestinian men said these women must marry their assailants or risk bringing “shame” to their families. If they do end up bringing “shame” to their families, 47 percent of respondents said these women should be murdered.
Unbelievably, the responses from women were almost identical to the men.
Most Palestinian women agree that fellow women should be raped for dressing a certain way or going out at night, and must either marry their rapist or be killed for bringing “shame” on their families.
Half of all Palestinians surveyed said they personally knew of an honor killing in their community in the previous year, and were not overly troubled by it.
This is the kind of state the Western world is trying to help birth. A state where human rights are secondary to Sharia Law.
And these are the darlings of the left-wing. That’s right! The same left-wing political activists who would tell us they are ardent supporters of feminism.
The reality is that left-wingers will never let a principal get in the way of there anti-Semitic motivation for supporting the Arab occupation of Judea and Samaria.

Some Thoughts on Matthew 24

By Daymond Duck


I know many people will disagree with me, but here is what I believe.

As Jesus and His disciples were leaving the Temple, His disciples pointed out the buildings. Jesus said, “There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.”

They went out to the mount of Olives and asked three questions (Matt:24:1-3):

  1. “When shall these things be?”
  2. “What shall be the sign of thy coming?”
  3. “And of the end of the world (or age)?”

Question #1: When shall these things be?

Keep in mind that Jesus is talking to Jews and there was no church at that time.

Jesus mentioned false Christs and wars and rumors of wars and He added, “but the end is not yet.” He mentioned famines, pestilences and earthquakes and He added, “All these are the beginning of sorrows (birth pains)” (Matt. 24:4-8).

All of these things are plural meaning there will be many false Christs and many wars before the end. There will be many famines, many pestilences and many earthquakes before the Second Coming and the end of the age. These things are just the beginning of the birth pains.

For whatever it is worth, Dr. J. Vernon McGee taught that the first eight verses of Matthew 24 are about the Church Age (Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee, Volume IV, Matthew-Romans, pg. 126). The Church Age must run its course before the end of the age.

Question #2: What shall be the sign of thy coming?

Jesus’ Second Coming is at the end of the Tribulation period. The Church is not on earth. The Church comes out of heaven with Him (Rev. 19:1-16). So, starting at Matt. 24:9 Jesus is talking about those on earth (Israel and others) during the Tribulation period and the Church will no longer be on earth.

Jesus said they (Israel and others) will face persecution, martyrdom, betrayal, false prophets, deceit, iniquity (lawlessness or corrupt government) and cold hearts. He added, “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved” (Matt. 24:9-13). All Israel will be saved at the end of the Tribulation period (Zech. 12:10-14; 14:1-11).

He said the gospel will go all over the world “and then shall the end come” (Matt. 24:14). The preaching of the 144,000 Jewish servants of God, the Two Witnesses and an angel will fulfill this during the Tribulation period (Rev. 7; 11 and 14:6).

He said the abomination of desolation will stand in the holy place (Matt. 24:15). This will happen at the Temple in Israel at the middle of the Tribulation period (Dan. 9:27).

He said, “Then, let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains” (Matt. 24:17). Judaea is the West Bank in Israel. This is another event that will happen in Israel at the middle of the Tribulation period (Rev. 12:13-14)

He told those who flee to not try to take anything with them and to pray that they don’t have to flee on the sabbath day (Matt. 24:17-20). Why? Because Israel will be back under the Law, offering animal sacrifices, etc., and they will be limited to how much they can carry and how far they can walk on the sabbath.

He said, “then shall be great tribulation.” That is the last half of the Tribulation period, Satan will be on earth and he will hate and kill Jews (Rev. 12:15-17).

Jesus mentions the “elect” three times (Matt. 24:22, 24, 31). There is no doubt that the word “elect” refers to the Church in many verses of Scripture. But here Jesus is talking to Jews about Jews under the Law during the Tribulation period after the Rapture of the Church. Understand that the word “elect” can also refer to Israel. God called Israel the “elect” (Isa. 45:4; 65:9, 22).

God doesn’t change. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance (Rom. 11:29). He has not forsaken Israel (Rom. 11:25-26; Heb. 13:8). He also called both Old Testament and New Testament Jews “saints” (Psa. 79:1-2; Matt. 27:52; Rev. 17:6). The words “elect” and “saints” can refer to Israel or the Church. In Matt. 24, Jesus keeps talking about Israel, but He never mentions or uses the word “Church.”

He said His coming will be like lightning coming out of the east (Matt. 24:27). He was still talking about His coming at the end of the Tribulation period.

He said, “Whersoever the carcase is there will the eagles be gathered” (Matt. 24:28). This is a Jewish proverb about Palestinian eagles (vultures) gathering for a feast at the battle of Armageddon in Israel when Jesus comes back at the end of the Tribulation period (Rev. 19:17-18).

He talked about cataclysmic events that will happen immediately after the tribulation of those days (Matt. 24:29-31). The sun will dim, the moon won’t shine, stars will fall, the universe will shake and people will see Jesus coming in the clouds.

He talked about the fig tree and that is Israel (Matt. 24:32-34; Hos.9:10; Jer. 24:1-10).

He talked about the generation that sees all these things and all of it happening in one generation (Matt. 24:33-34). The Church won’t be on earth to see the Antichrist defile the Temple, but Israel will (II Thess. 2:1-12).

Question #3: What shall be the sign of the end of the world (or age)?

Jesus said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matt. 24:35). He added, “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only” (Matt. 24:36).

No one knows the day or the hour of the Rapture or the Second Coming (Matt. 24:42), but in Matt. 24:36, Jesus was saying no one knows the day or the hour that heaven and earth (the world) will pass away.

To bring this to a close, this writer believes most of Matt. 24 is about Israel and the Tribulation period not the Rapture, or the Church or the Church Age. Jesus answered the three questions that He was asked including the one about the end of the world (or age).

The Six Day War Plus 50 Years

By Don McGee


Many people remember where they were and what they were doing when certain pivotal events in their personal lives happened. The same can be said about some of those generally broad but decisive events in history, and in the case of some people the two are sometimes combined.

For my parents and the people of their generation the date of 29 October 1929, Black Tuesday, was ever to be remembered though many people in rural America were very poor thus the stock market crash had little impact on their lives. Then there was 7 December 1941, indeed “…a date that will live in infamy.” For those of my generation such dates include 22 November 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated, along with the day a military man arrived safely home from Viet Nam.

But there is another date. For some of us the day of 5 June 1967 will always be remembered because that was the first day of the Six Day War. On that day Israel, blockaded and in the face of imminent invasion by Egypt, Syria and Jordan along with other Arab nations, launched a preemptive and very successful attack upon their enemies. Though unknown at first, that day was an important mile marker for some of us.

On that Tuesday night 50 years ago some teenagers were standing in the parking lot of a small church in Turkey Creek, Louisiana just before the service was to begin, and we were overhearing the excited conversations among several preachers as they discussed the prophetic implications of what had just happened. The recurring theme of their discussion was the nearness of the rapture of the church. For whatever reason that topic, and the profound emphasis those men placed upon it, found a permanent place in the minds of at least some of us that night.

Any student of Bible prophecy, and of secular history for that matter, understands that the history of Israel is filled with war. Whether a person begins with the life of Abraham 4000 years ago or Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Israeli Prime Minister, the pages of history are red with blood; much Jewish blood.

No group of people in all of history has been the target of hatred, oppression and attempted genocide like the Jews. No one. Ethnic groups can talk about being victimized and they can make their pretentious demands, but not one of them has seen such massive, orchestrated and effective pogroms and attempted extermination like the Jews have seen. Conversely and ironically, it seems that not one of those groups has contributed to the advancement of humanity, to the betterment of life as the Jews have.

Think about where the world would be without the Jew. Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin: polio vaccine. Galileo: the study of light. Selman Waksman: discovered streptomycin and coined the word “antibiotic”. Briton Epstein: identified first cancer virus. Maria Meyer: discovered structure of atomic nuclei. Julius Mayer: laws of thermodynamics. And most importantly Jesus Christ: salvation. The list could go on, but what is so poignant is that in spite of the contributions of the Jew, the world hates him with unveiled passion.

And that is by design. Scripture says that Satan is the god of this world (“world” here means age; cycle of time), and the Jew and everything associated with him represents a threat to Satan’s permanent position as god of this world. The greatest Jew to have ever lived, Jesus, will one day take this world and transform it into a beautiful and serene place after He binds Satan in the abyss for 1000 years. If Satan, the personification of all that is evil, can destroy the Jewish race he can stop Jesus from taking from him what he thinks is his. In a nutshell that is what this whole Jew/Arab, Jew/UN, etc. conflict is all about. Essentially, hatred for Jews is satanically inspired. And that is why the Arab world was poised to destroy Israel 50 years ago.

Nothing portrays the Six Day War like David Rubinger’s iconic picture of three IDF paratroopers, Zion Karasenti, Yitzhak Yifat and Haim Oshri just 20 minutes after liberating the Western Wall from the Jordanians. To the right are those same paratroopers 40 years later in 2007.

But that war was about more than 3 IDF Troopers at the Wall. It was about the Jewish possession of something that has always been theirs, and which they had not possessed in almost 1900 years-the Temple Mount and its Western Wall. When Jordan occupied the Old City of Jerusalem in 1948 the area became exclusively Muslim. Christian presence was severely restricted, Jews were not even allowed in the area, 58 synagogues were destroyed and Jewish tombstones were used as flooring in Muslim latrines. The Western Wall area became a Muslim slum. In 1967 it was liberated.

But things took a bad turn after the end of the Six Day War. Moshe Dayan, then Israel’s Minister of Defense, immediately returned the Temple Mt. to Muslim control despite the evil they had perpetuated against the Jews. You see, Dayan was a secular Jew and saw the Temple Mt. as only an historic place to the Jews and not worth a continued war with the Muslims. Actually, this was a miserable attempt at appeasing the Muslims, and as is always the case with appeasement toward Muslims it only emboldened them in their hatred.

The war had an impact upon the U.S., also. The USS Liberty, a Naval intelligence gathering vessel operating in international waters just north of Egypt, was attacked by the Israeli Air Force and Navy. Thirty-four crew members were killed in the attack and the ship had heavy damage. Some believe the attack was intentional while others believe it was accidental and was just one of many unfortunate “friendly fire” incidents that happen in warfare. Israel, who would have had no real reason to attack an American vessel, apologized for the attack, compensated the families of those killed and injured and paid the U.S. Government for the damages to the vessel. This incident goes down as a very sad and very emotional chapter in the history of the Six Day War, and is understandably still a sore spot for some Americans.

Regarding the war, the Arab nations first met to discuss the annihilation of Israel at the Casablanca Hotel in Morocco in 1965. King Hassan II of Morocco actually did not trust his Arab colleagues and secretly recorded the meeting giving the recording to the Israelis. Though they talked a lot about Arab unity in the meeting they were not really unified much less prepared for war at that time. As early 1967 approached, however, their thinking changed. They thought the time for the destruction of Israel had come.

It was a reckless and exhilarating time in the days leading up to the war with Arab leaders becoming ecstatic about the prospect of wiping Israel off the map. They were being led on by Egypt’s President Gamal Abdel Nasser. He had dismissed UN peace keepers from the Sinai and had massed his troops on the border with Israel while blockading Israeli ships in the Straits of Tiran, an act of war in itself.

On 22 May 1967, while speaking to Egyptian pilots at Bir Gafgafa air base in the Sinai Desert, Nasser said, “The Jews are threatening war – we say to them ‘welcome’”! On 30 May Nasser said, “The armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are poised on the borders of Israel…” He further said they were going to “astound the world” and that “the critical hour has arrived.” Nasser was the main instigator of the war and he thought Arab victory was a done deal. No man could have ever been more wrong.

Israel had warned Jordan to stay out of the fight, but smelling Jewish blood in the water King Hussein could not resist. The result was Jordan suffered a very effective Israeli counterattack as IDF troops liberated the old eastern part of Jerusalem along with Judea and Samaria, the so-called West Bank.

Syria, to Israel’s north, had long been shelling the Israeli civilian population south of Lake Galilee from an area known as the Golan Heights. Though this cowardly activity continued until the start of the war, Israel was secretly working to deal with this situation, and others, when the inevitable war would come. Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy, had achieved a high position in the Syrian government. On his visits to the Golan he noted the Syrian bunker positions and sent maps and photographs to Israel. In an act of strategic genius, he had trees planted at each bunker ostensibly to provide shade for the weary Syrian soldiers. These became excellent targets for Israeli guns during the Six Day War. Cohen was discovered in 1965 and was publicly hanged in Damascus, but his work paid rich dividends in the war two years later.

Though at a tactical disadvantage Israel won the war. Amazingly, in just six days the IDF was in position to capture Cairo, Damascus and Amman, the capitals of the belligerent Arab nations. But Israel had no such desire because their main objectives had been achieved; objectives that were, and are today, absolutely necessary for the defense of the Jewish nation. These, by the way, are the same areas former President Obama demanded that Israel give back to her avowed enemies. On 10 June 1967 Israel accepted a cease-fire agreement.

Those are just a few of the facts about the war, and Israel along with her supporters are discussing many of these things as they celebrate the 50th anniversary of this noble victory. We can marvel at all the strategic and tactical maneuvers of the IDF, and there were many of them that demonstrated Israeli cunning and valor. But, the most distinct characteristic is that God took a direct hand in the matter both militarily and prophetically.

Regarding the future there are three things we need to keep in mind. One: The enemies of Israel will continue demanding they return the strategic areas that they captured from the belligerent nations; areas that are theirs to begin with. Two: Another war is very soon to come; a war that will be very pivotal in Middle East politics. Three: God will once again provide them with a miraculous delivery.

However, what is being misunderstood in Israel and even among Christians who do not know prophetic scripture is that the nation is not where she is and is not what she is because of her military, her politicians or her diplomats. It is because God made an unconditional covenant with Abraham 4000 years ago, and He has since made promises to Abraham’s descendants through Isaac. Every last one of them will be kept. Forget pseudo biblical scholarship and secular politics-believe God!

The brightest of Israel’s days are before her. But before that time comes, and likely after the next couple of wars, a great day of suffering will come upon the nation and her people. During those dark days there will be no miraculous deliverance as in 1967 or 1973. Only at the very end, when annihilation is imminent will Jesus intervene. The surviving remnant will then recognize that Jesus is indeed their Messiah.

Obviously the Six Day War points to God’s hand in the preservation of Israel. But what is not so obvious is that it was also an important means by which He influenced the eventual life’s work of some people who were, at the time, young and absolutely clueless. At times He works in strange ways. DLM


by Daymond Duck


The news that interested me the most this week, came in small pieces.

First, Daniel was told to “shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased” (Dan. 12:4).

A pastor friend called this week to tell me he heard someone on the radio say that today more pictures are taken worldwide in two minutes than were taken in the entire twentieth century. Obviously, the availability of cameras and cellphones has something to do with this; nevertheless there has been a tremendous increase in knowledge.

Second, about 50 years ago, churches in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin posted two signs that read “The Churches of Oconomowoc Welcome You.” Now, a group is threatening to sue them if they don’t take the signs down.

God is probably the only One who knows what will happen, but Christians are losing their freedom of speech, and persecution has started.

Third, on January 23, 2017, when President Trump told lawmakers on Capitol Hill 3 to 5 million illegal ballots were cast, many people questioned him and some called him a liar.

Five months later in mid-June 2017, it was revealed that a spokesperson for a group called the Pew Charitable Trust told Steve Doocy on Fox News, “Now we have four million ineligible and dead voters on American voter rolls.”

It is easy to understand why the “fake news” keeps calling upon Internet officials to control the news. It must be embarrassing to be proven wrong nearly every day.

Fourth, while this article was being written on June 17, 2017, it was being reported that Congressman Steve Scalise was in the hospital in critical condition from gunshot wounds and a play called Shakespeare in the Park was going on in New York depicting the stabbing of President Trump several times.

Violence was being glorified and that is a sign of the Days of Noah. If things like this don’t stop, some believe the violence in the streets of America will grow dramatically worse in the coming months.

Fifth, in an article dated June 16, 2017, Todd Starnes of Fox News fame wrote: “

The Army has begun mandatory transgender sensitivity training for soldiers.

The training covers everything from “transfemale” soldiers to transgender shower etiquette to dealing with a male soldier who becomes pregnant. Yes, good readers. Within the ranks of the greatest fighting force known to mankind – the baby’s daddy could also be the baby’s momma.

This is sick, but Mr. Starnes goes on to reveal that the Army training guidelines were written by the Obama Administration. So sadly, this is not surprising.

Sixth, this week it was reported that even moderate liberals in the Western world are becoming uneasy when terms like “patriotism” and “nationalism” are used.

This signifies a growing acceptance of world government where borders are bad and people are “citizens of the world” not patriots or citizens of nations.

Seventh, on June 12, 2017, it was reported that Germany has video surveillance systems in train stations, but they can’t feed pictures into it to identify terror suspects who may be on the run.

They intend to upgrade their surveillance systems to identify suspected criminals before they can commit a crime or escape. They want the system to alert the police to where certain people are before they know whether they are guilty or not.

It may be a stretch, but this sounds like something the Antichrist and False Prophet could use. It could help them know where people are if they are suspected of being veterans, conservatives, or those who is not politically correct or if they are not in a database of people who have taken the mark of the beast, etc.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck

The PLO’s IDF lobbyists

By Caroline Glick


Should the United States pay Palestinian terrorists? For the overwhelming majority of Americans and Israelis this is a rhetorical question.

The position of the American people was made clear – yet again – last week when US President Donald Trump’s senior envoys Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt met with Palestinian Authority chairman and PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas and repeated Trump’s demand that the PA cut off the payments.

Not only did Abbas reject their demand, he reportedly accused the presidential envoys of working as Israeli agents.

Abbas’s treatment of Kushner and Greenblatt was in line with his refusal to even meet with US Ambassador David Friedman, reportedly because he doesn’t like Friedman’s views.

The most amazing aspect of Abbas’s contemptuous treatment of the Trump administration is that he abuses Trump and his senior advisers while demanding that Trump continue funding him in excess of half a billion dollars a year, and do so in contravention of the will of the Republican-controlled Congress.

Abbas’s meeting last week took place as the Taylor Force Act makes its way through Congress.

Named for Taylor Force, the West Point graduate and US army veteran who was murdered in March 2016 in Tel Aviv by a Palestinian terrorist, the Taylor Force Act will end US funding of the PA until it ends its payments to terrorists and their families – including the family of Force’s murderer Bashar Masalha.

The Taylor Force Act enjoys bipartisan majority support in both the House and the Senate. It is also supported by the Israeli government.

Given the stakes, what could possibly have possessed Abbas to believe he can get away with mistreating Trump and his envoys? Who does he think will save him from Congress and the White House? Enter Commanders for Israel’s Security (CIS), stage left.

CIS is a consortium of 260 left-wing retired security brass. It formed just before the 2015 elections. CIS refuses to reveal its funding sources. Several of its most visible members worked with the Obama administration through the George Soros-funded Center for a New American Security.

Since its inception, CIS has effectively served as a PLO lobby. It supports Israeli land giveaways and insists that Israel can do without a defensible eastern border.

Last Wednesday CIS released a common-sense defying statement opposing the Taylor Force Act.

The generals mind-numbingly insisted the US must continue paying the terrorism-financing PA because Israel needs the help of the terrorism-incentivizing PA to fight the terrorists the PA incentivizes. If the US cuts off funding to the PA because it incentivizes terrorism, then the PA will refuse to cooperate with Israel in fighting the terrorism it incentivizes.

If you fail to follow this logic, well, you don’t have what it takes to be an Israeli general.

Moreover, if you fail to follow this logic, and you defy the position of Israel’s retired generals, then you may well endanger Israel.

After all, they know what’s best even better than the Israeli government because they are retired Israeli generals.

The CIS group would be bad enough for Israel on its own. But unfortunately, the radical politics of its members – and their anonymous funders – are all too resonant inside of the IDF itself.

And just as CIS members use the ranks they received in the past to undermine the powers of the government today, so the current crop of serving generals use their positions to advance policies that are contrary to the expressed position of the government.

This is nowhere more evident than in the behavior of the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria.

Until Israel formed the PLO-controlled PA in 1994, the Civil Administration was responsible for governing Judea and Samaria as the governing arm of the military government that Israel set up in the area after the Six Day War.

In 1996, Israel transferred all Palestinian population centers in Judea and Samaria to the PA. Since then, the Civil Administration has been responsible only for Area C where all Israeli communities are located and where between 100,000 and 200,000 Palestinians also live.

The question of what the ultimate disposition of Area C will be is the top issue on the national agenda today. The majority of government ministers and the majority of the public support applying Israeli law to all or parts of the area.

Yet while the government debates the issue and formulates policies to advance whatever policies it adopts on this issue, the Civil Administration has for the past several years been acting independently to undermine and constrain the government’s ability to make strategic decisions relating to Area C.

Among other things, the Civil Administration has been independently initiating Palestinian settlement projects in Area C that undermine Israel’s ability to govern the areas. By the same token, the Civil Administration has used its powers to scupper, delay and prevent Israeli construction projects in the area.

The story of the Civil Administration’s rogue policymaking was catapulted to the headlines last week when Channel 2 reported that it was advancing a plan to massively expand the Palestinian city of Kalkilya into Area C. Among other things, the plan endangers Israeli communities whose territory abuts the expanded boundaries of Kalkilya advanced by the plan.

Channel 2 reported that the Netanyahu government’s security cabinet had given the Civil Administration a green light to begin construction.

The story caused a political outcry not only from Likud voters but from the security cabinet members themselves. Led by Minister Ze’ev Elkin, the Likud ministers insisted that they had been misled by the Civil Administration which deliberately hid the nature of the plan from them when it brought it to the cabinet for approval.

The ministers’ protests ring true because the Civil Administration has a history of acting in this manner.

In 2008 for instance, the Civil Administration initiated a building scheme in the Jordan Valley that would have taken land from Moshav Tomer to build Palestinian settlements.

The head of the local council complained to the government only to discover that the ministers had no idea what he was talking about. The Civil Administration had undertaken the plan, which undermined Israel’s control over a strategically vital area, without government knowledge or approval.

In contrast, and again against the wishes of the government, the Civil Administration has repeatedly acted to block Israeli construction in Area C. For instance, the IDF insists that no land deal between Israel and Palestinians is final until the IDF approves it. The policy harms Israeli construction in two ways.

First, it gives the Civil Administration the power – which it uses – to delay Israeli construction indefinitely.

Second, by forcing parties to land deals to come forward publicly, the Civil Administration intimidates Palestinian land sellers. They know that if their land deals with Israelis become public they will face execution by the PA.

Returning to Abbas for a moment, the PLO chief may have overplayed his hand by insulting Trump and his senior envoys. All the politicized retired and currently serving Israeli generals together cannot convince Trump to send US tax dollars to a terrorism supporting leader who trashes him and his senior officials. Consequently, there is every reason to believe that the Taylor Force Act will soon be signed into law and the US will end its financing of Palestinian terrorism.

But even if Washington cuts off funding to the PA, Israel is still left to deal with its radicalized generals who exploit their rank to undermine the government.

The best way to end this situation is for the government to shut down the Civil Administration and get the IDF out of the governing business in Judea and Samaria. So long as the government continues to empower unaccountable generals to administer civilian areas instead of its accountable, civilian bureaucracy, we will continue to be confronted with the surreal spectacle of Israeli generals lobbying for Palestinian terrorists.

If the government applies Israeli law to Area C, it can still negotiate with the PLO, just as it has negotiated about the Golan Heights and Jerusalem. But in the meantime, it will remove one of the most corrupting and corrosive forces preying on our generals and our democracy for the benefit of the Israeli and Palestinian residents of Area C alike and indeed for Israel as a whole.