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Brexit and the Turkish ‘Coup’ – Setting the Stage for the End Time?



The Brexit and the failed Turkish coup were two momentous events that have set into motion dramatic changes in both Europe and the Middle East. Could these significant events also be setting the stage for a greater fulfillment of End Time Bible prophecy?

Students of Bible prophecy have long been expecting the rise of the final empire of the anti-Christ. The traditional and widely held view as portrayed vividly in the popular Left Behind series is that this empire will arise in Europe as a revived Roman Empire. A less widespread view which has gained attention in recent years is that this final empire will arise out of the Middle East and that the empire of the anti-Christ could even turn out to be an Islamic empire.
This article will not look at the scriptural case for/against either view. It will instead look at recent events, including the Brexit and the failed Turkish coup, to see whether these are bringing us closer to or further away from either of these End Time scenarios.
The Impact of Brexit on the EU
Since its formation with a treaty in Rome in 1957, the European nations have been methodically working towards becoming a super-state with their own unified military, currency and parliament. The EU has since that time been viewed with keen interest by many Bible prophecy students, who see it as a possible revived Roman empire that will one day set the stage for the anti-Christ.
Several interesting developments have strengthened the anti-Christ credentials of the EU in recent years. Many have noted how the EU Strasbourg Parliament building was constructed in the image of a famed painting of the Tower of Babel the ultimate symbol of mans rebellion against God.
In addition, Euro coins are decorated with a mythological woman named Europa riding a beast and this motif is repeated in a large statue outside the EU government headquarters in Brussels. Could this be exposing the identity of the EU as the woman on the beast who features in Revelation 17?
While the EU has some intriguing anti-Christ characteristics, recent events have exposed serious weaknesses and malfunctions in the Union.
Britains decision to leave the EU, will undoubtedly weaken the EU financially, militarily and diplomatically at least in the short term. In addition, the Brexit has encouraged leave campaigns in many other European nations including Netherlands and France and if the EU leaders are not cautious, they could soon face a stampede of countries leaving!
The recent migrant influx has exposed the EU as a slow, dysfunctional and disunited entity unable to quickly and effectively handle crises. Further slowing down its decision making, the EU is hampered by a massive bureaucratic system that is tasked with translating all its documents into the 24 official languages of the EU!
If the EU was to become a revived Roman Empire fulfilling Biblical prophecy, it would need to unite in a much more centralized way and be far more efficient at handling crises. While there appear to be plans in place to move in this direction it could take a long time to bring to fruition especially in these times of disunity and dissatisfaction with the European experiment as the EU has been called.
In addition, to match the Biblical description, the EU would have to strongly embrace a false system of worship. While many have suggested that the EU might embrace some form of Catholicism, EU leaders appear determined to ignore Christianity in the future Union.
An example of this is seen in the draft EU constitution of 2003. Despite high level lobbying by the Pope and conservative leaders, the draft failed to include even a passing reference to the role of Christianity or a belief in God in the forming of Europe.
This goes to show that the EU has a long way to go before it would willingly embrace a false system of worship at the core of its identity.
In addition, the EU which loathes capital punishment and has a rule that no member state can have the death penalty on its books – would need to bring back capital punishment and specifically beheadings (as foretold by Rev. 6:9).
While the EU certainly could morph into an evil empire of this nature, it looks unlikely for this to happen anytime soon. I believe the Brexit has weakened the case for a rapid rise of the EU as the empire of the anti-Christ.
The Turkish Coup and the Islamic End Times Empire
A less widely held view of prophetic scripture foresees a revived Islamic caliphate in the Arab world arising as the final kingdom before the return of the Messiah. This view holds that the Bible is a Middle East centered book and that most of its prophesied future events concern Israel and her surrounding nations.
Joel Richardson a missionary and Middle East expert – points out some uncanny similarities between Islams expected future Mahdi (or Messiah) and the Biblical description of the anti-Christ. According to Joels book, The Islamic AntiChrist, Islamic scholars believe that their Mahdi will enter a 7 year peace treaty, will conquer and rule from Jerusalem, will viciously persecute Christians and Jews and will be accompanied by a prophet (namely the Islamic version of Jesus) who will validate his rule and enforce sharia law worldwide.
It is interesting to note that while End Times beliefs are not widely held in the Western World, a large percentage of the Islamic world hold strong End Time views. For example, a Pew Forum survey in 2012 found that 68% of Turks, 72% of Iraqis and 83% of Afghanis expect the imminent return of the Mahdi.
Could these widely held views and the intriguing parallels between the Mahdi and the Biblical anti-Christ be setting the stage for an Islamic End Times Empire that embraces a ruler who becomes the anti-Christ?
Turkeys leaders certainly dream of heading up a restored Islamic Empire. For 400 years, Turkey was the head of the Islamic Ottoman Empire, and some of her leaders have spoken openly of their desire of restoring Turkey to her former glory.
For example, former Prime-Minister Ahmet Davutolu once spoke of his dream to reintegrate the Balkan region, Middle East and Caucasus… together with Turkey as the centre of world politics in the future.
Since he came to power, Erdogan has been accused of weakening Turkeys democracy and leading the nation on a slow path of Islamization. Concerningly, President Erdogan once stated that Democracy is like a train, you get off once you have reached your destination.
In the wake of the failed coup attempt, President Erdogan appears to have jumped off the democracy train all together. Having already weakened Turkeys democracy, Erdogan has launched a fresh purge of 60000 people from the ranks of the military, education, government offices, education and journalism.
What many observers of the coup attempt failed to notice was the cries of Allahu akhbar from Erdogan supporters as they attacked the coup plotters. According to Joel Richardson, Islamist cries like this would have been unheard of in the streets of Turkey 10 years ago and shows the rising force of Islamism in the country.
Imagine for a moment what would happen if Turkeys leaders were to actively pursue the cause of heading up a revived Islamic empire? Turkey already holds the second largest army in NATO, over 2/3 of Turkish Muslims believe they are in the last days, her leaders dream of a restored Islamic caliphate, and executive power is being consolidated in an unprecedented way in the hands of Islamist President Erdogan.
This explosive mix of ingredients could pave the way for even more radical changes in Turkey and even the restoration of an Islamic caliphate. World trends teacher Ps. Kameel Majdali frequently tells his listeners to watch Turkey! and in these tumultuous times we would be advised to watch and pray concerning developments in this key nation.
Time will tell the ultimate impact of the Turkish coup and whether Turkey or another group /nation rises to lead a possible revived Islamic empire. Since the Arab Spring in 2011, the Middle East has been a hotbed of infighting between various Islamist groups all aiming for the restoration of the Islamic empire under their own leadership.
If one of these groups were to succeed in bringing about a restored Islamic empire, then the world would feel the tremors. It would signal a dramatic increase in persecution of Christians and also the gathering of unprecedented hostile forces against the nation of Israel.
Ultimately, such an empire could bear many anti-Christ like characteristics and its rise is a real possibility that should be considered by students of Bible Prophecy.
While the Turkish coup is not immediately ushering in an Islamic End Times Empire, it may be a significant step paving towards such a development in the future.
A Word for Christians
Ultimately, only time will tell whether the kingdom of the anti-Christ will be a Revived Roman Empire or a Revived Islamic Empire.
As we see empires rise and fall, as we hear of wars and rumours of war let us not be troubled but rather look with expectancy to the imminent return of our King and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth. Let us continue to pray: Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven!


One of the major problems we should all have with the Islamic Antichrist theory, propagated by Richardson. Is the fact that he uses Islamic eschatology to underpin his ideas.

Should we give credence to the ravings of the false prophets of Islam? Absolutely not! And neither should we listen to the garbage peddled by those who are profiting from those ravings.

I have personally tried to reason with Richardson. I have pointed out errors in his teachings, by posting rebuttals to his theory on his blog. His reaction was to delete those points I made which he was unable to dispute.


Will Russian Military Build Up In Middle East Lead To Gog/Magog War?


By Kade Hawkins

Russia has carried out its first air strikes in Syria shortly after receiving an official request of help from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and approval from the Russian parliament authorizing Vladimir Putin to send military troops into Syria.

Similar to the slow mission creep in the Ukraine, Russia’s rapid deployment to Syria for the first time in three decades is a far cry from the earlier excuse that Russia was only providing weapons and training to help the Syrian government army combat ISIS.

Russia has sent more than two dozen fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, surface-to-air missile defense systems and hundreds of troops to its only naval facility outside the former Soviet Union in the Syrian port of Tartus. However, new satellite images suggest two new military bases may be in the works to host Russian troops which suggest a much-expanded presence.

Russia has defended her actions as part of its national interests (Russia claims hundreds of its citizens are in Syria helping ISIS and could return home as a threat) and that it would only use its air force to strike ISIS. This is already being contradicted by the French Defense Minister who claims that the Russian strikes were in the Western part of the country where ISIS militants are not based and new reports suggest that the air strikes hit an area primarily held by anti-Assad rebels who are backed by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Russia has as much motivation to hit other rebel groups as it does ISIS in order to keep Assad in power and keep US supported groups from expanding their influence and reach. Syria’s main  Western-backed opposition leader, Khaled Khoja, president of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, has already called Russia’s military involvement in the region an “invasion”.

These actions will have important repercussions for US policy in Syria and may present the US with no other option but to include Assad in any final political settlement. US allies Jordan and Turkey who were considering their own coordinated actions with the US to set up a buffer and no-fly zones in Syria to protect their borders will no doubt take a step back due to any increased tension with Russia.

Perhaps most worrisome for the US is a conflict of unintended consequences. Despite talks of coordination between the US and Russia, the way in which Russia warned the US of the air strikes and the US response seems to portray the exact opposite.  A three-star Russian general was sent to the US embassy in Baghdad one hour before the attacks to give notice and warn the Americans to stay out of Syrian airspace.  However,  the US declined to change any of their missions and proceeded as usual.

The potential for an accidental exchange of fire will grow as each side vies to assert its authority in the region.

Israel is also greatly concerned that Russian actions will endanger its ability to strike Hezbollah targets in Syria and Lebanon who frequently use the conflict to transfer arms from Iran. However, like the US, Israel’s defense Minister has stressed Israel’s right to freedom of action over Syrian airspace when it felt its national security interests were threatened, including a specific warning that Israel will not tolerate Iranian troops near its border.

The scenarios for this crisis to spiral out of control are numerous and some Bible prophecy experts believe could be setting the stage for two important prophecies found in the Bible.

In Ezekiel 38, the prophet Ezekiel warned of a future war known as the war of “Gog and Magog” in which the people of Magog and their leader Gog will lead a coalition of nations (including Persia/Iran) to attack Israel.

Many Bible teachers believe historical records point to Russia as the descendants of the people of Magog which would seem to confirm Ezekiel’s warning that this invasion would be led from the people of the “far north.” Russia is the farthest country directly north of Israel. Prophecy scholars watch with fascination as Russia returns to the Middle East after a thirty-year absence and the positioning of its troops ever closer to Israel.

The 2nd prophecy is found in Isaiah 17 in which the prophet Isaiah warns that in the end times Damascus (the capital of Syria) would become a ruinous heap, never to be inhabited again (which suggests chemical or even nuclear confrontation).

Both of these Biblical prophecies appear to have just hit the fast forward button.


This could be the final step down the dead-end street for those who have argued that the Antichrist and Gog are one and the same person, and the people of the ‘far north’ are a Turkish led Muslim caliphate.

Daniel 11:40-45 speaks of the Antichrist’s battles during the ‘time of the end’. One of those whom he fights is the king of the north.

Now he’s not likely to be fighting himself is he Messrs Richardson, Shoebat and Company? 

But for those who prefer exegesis to eisegesis. Note the recent news of China getting involved, and consider how that may be in fulfilment of Daniel 11:44.

What is happening right before our eyes is making it difficult for those who insist the ‘time of the end’ battles are confined to the final seven year Tribulation period.

End times hitting stage in debate over Christian beliefs


Abortion, a highly publicized debate topic recently, affects hundreds of thousands. America’s Middle East policy, another debate topic, affects millions. Those strange questions about one candidate’s comment about another candidate’s appearance affect almost no one, but still get attention.

But a debate shaping up for Friday night about the end times will affect, in one way or another, well, everyone.

That’s when Thomas Ice of the Pre-Trib Research Center will be debating Alan Kurschner of Eschatos Ministries on the question of whether the Christian church will face the Antichrist.

The event will be at The Hope Center in Plano, Texas, at 7 p.m.

For the Christian church, the topic long as been subject to debate, and recently, there appears to have been a surge in those who believe the end times’ Antichrist will rise to power while the Christian church still remains.

Traditionally, many American Christians have believed in what is called the “Pre-Tribulation,” which holds faithful Christians will be raptured before the Great Tribulation, thus avoiding the Antichrist and the most severe persecutions of the period. Proponents of this view include Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye. This school of thought also received a great deal of exposure in popular culture through the “Left Behind” books and films.

Ice will be defending this position as part of his role as the executive director of the Pre-Trib Research Center. The center’s purpose, in its own words, is to “research, teach and defend the pretribulational rapture and related Bible prophecy doctrines.”

However, biblical teacher Joel Richardson, the New York Times bestselling author of “The Islamic Antichrist” and the new book “When a Jew Rules the World,” argues a seminal shift is underway.

“Over the past 20 years, numerous thoughtful believers who formerly embraced the Pre-Tribulation Rapture have left that doctrine,” he said. “However, because the majority of the publishing houses and seminaries that place any emphasis on the Rapture hold to the ‘Pre-Trib’ position, it’s been very difficult for this growing number of believers to have any voice in the public forum.”

For that reason, Richardson believes the upcoming debate is very important.

“This will finally give many of those were on the fence the opportunity to weigh the Scriptural basis for these two opposing views,” he said.

Kurschner, the host of the weekly Bible Prophecy Program podcast and the author of “Antichrist: Before the Day of the Lord,” will be representing the “Pre-Wrath” position.

This school of thought holds Christians will experience the beginning of the Tribulation. While Christians will be raptured to escape God’s wrath during what some Christians call the Day of the Lord, this interpretation means even believing Christians will experience the reign of the Antichrist.

Kurschner describes himself as someone “dedicated to teaching biblical prophecy from a futurist, premillennial, Pre-Wrath perspective” and told WND the implications of his position are crucial for Christians because Jesus Himself considered them very important.

“In His teaching, He conveyed to the disciples that it is important they should know the events surrounding His return. He spends more time discussing the warnings of understanding and heeding the events surrounding His return than He does the actual events themselves,” he said.

Kurschner believes salvation may be at stake for many Christians because during the Tribulation, they will be tested by being asked to accept the Mark of the Beast. According to the Book of Revelation, those who accept the Mark “shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God.”

According to Kurschner, the Pre-Trib position tells Christians they will be spared the Tribulation and persecution. And that, he warns, is nothing less than “dangerous.”

“My opponents will say all these warnings about not taking the mark are warnings to ‘Tribulation saints,’ those who become saved during the Tribulation period after the rapture,” Kurschner told WND. “And so they’ll say, for us today, these are not warnings. And my response is, when the Antichrist does arrive and you’ve been teaching Christians you’re supposed to be raptured out of here before he came, you’re setting yourselves up to be very vulnerable to the deception of the Antichrist. And their faith is going to be very vulnerable.”

Kurschner’s position encourages Christians to prepare for persecution and even martyrdom. The prospect of facing the Antichrist is ominous, and Kurschner describes the grim nature of his teaching as an obstacle to the Pre-Wrath position ever being completely accepted by most American Christians.

“I think for many American Christians, the idea that they will have to suffer, and perhaps even suffer martyrdom in their lifetime, is just so foreign to them,” commented Kurschner. “I don’t see it becoming the most popular view out there just because of that psyche. Of course, with God all things are possible. And when the Great Tribulation does come, no one is going to be on the fence in this issue.”

Still, though Kurschner concedes the Pre-Trib position is a “juggernaut,” he agrees with Joel Richardson and believes many more Christians are moving to the Pre-Wrath position.

“There’s a point where a school of thought really spikes, and it seems like it really spiked in the last year,” said Kurschner. “Even in the last six months, I’m constantly being sent sermons and emails of people who were Pre-Trib and are moving over to a different view. I think pastors are just recently getting alarmed at this.”

Kurschner believes many Pre-Trib pastors and thinkers simply “don’t want to hear anything else” and credits Ice with being an exception in his willingness to engage. One of the most important reasons why this reluctance exists, he believes, is because Kurschner’s warning of the church encountering the Tribulation robs people of what is commonly called the “Blessed Hope.”

Kurschner says that is not true.

“Our Blessed Hope is our new life with Jesus, not the Rapture itself,” Kurschner explains. “To those that say, ‘I’m looking for a Jesus Christ, not an Antichrist,’ the problem is it’s not either-or. Part of watching for Christ is watching for that generation in which the Antichrist will arise.”

For its part, the Pre-Trib Research Center argues its position leads to three positive implications in daily life.

“The first implication of pretribulationism is that it leads to godly living in an unholy age. Next, this New Testament teaching promotes a strong emphasis upon evangelism of the lost. Finally when believers come to understand this eternal perspective, it leads to a zeal for worldwide missions.”

But Kurschner says his own position has the effect of forcing Christians to be more dedicated in their faith.

“The fundamental mistake the opposition takes is they think the Great Tribulation and The Day of the Lord’s Wrath is the same thing. And that’s something I’m really going to be pushing at in the debate, along with other issues of course,” he said.

He continued, “That’s important because when you recognize there’s a biblical distinction between those two things, you’re going to understand the church is going to suffer persecution. And this is nothing new, the church has been suffering persecution for thousands of years. If you relegate these warnings to other people, because the church is going to be raptured out of here, then you are not setting up believers to be overcomers. And the book of Revelation is about overcoming.”

Indeed, Kurschner believes the debate ultimately centers on the larger question of “what does it really mean to be a Christian?”

“The world can do nothing to us,” he says. “But God may call us to experience the events of the Tribulation. He’s certainly going to call the Last Generation to experience these events so we might just get into the proper mindset now.”

Richardson also called for Christian unity, despite specific disagreements.

“We must remember of course that this is not an issue the Christians should divide over, rather we are all called to be Bereans and examine all things,” Richardson told WND.


One of the mistakes made by those who believe the Church will experience The Tribulation is their misunderstanding of what the Tribulation is.

It is the punishment of God on Israel for its apostasy. 

Leviticus says, if the people did not do what God required during the period of punishment he would multiply the punishment by seven times over.

Leviticus 26:14-35
But if you will not listen to me and carry out all these commands, and if you reject my decrees and abhor my laws and fail to carry out all my commands and so violate my covenant, then I will do this to you: … “`If after all this you will not listen to me, I will punish you for your sins seven times over. …”`If you remain hostile toward me and refuse to listen to me, I will multiply your afflictions seven times over, as your sins deserve…”`If in spite of these things you do not accept my correction but continue to be hostile toward me, I myself will be hostile toward you and will afflict you for your sins seven times over… “`If in spite of this you still do not listen to me but continue to be hostile toward me, then in my anger I will be hostile toward you, and I myself will punish you for your sins seven times over. …Then the land will enjoy its sabbath years all the time that it lies desolate and you are in the country of your enemies; then the land will rest and enjoy its sabbaths. All the time that it lies desolate, the land will have the rest it did not have during the sabbaths you lived in it.

This prophecy clearly takes us right through the time span given in Daniel 9:24. Including the final seven years (The Tribulation). We see the initial 70 years of Babylonian captivity multiplied by 7, making the 490 prophesied by the angel.

Seventy weeks (of years = 490 years) are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

They are all against Israel. And they are all God’s judgement/punishment.

Jesus Christ paid the price of sin for His church. There is no judgement due against us. Therefore the church will not be put through the Tribulation.

Elites Preparing Last Phase Of New World Order?


by Leo Hohmann

There’s a passage of holy writ that has baffled Bible teachers for centuries, confounding and teasing them, to the point where most modern preachers pass right by it like a trucker skirting a weigh station.
Who is “Mystery Babylon,” that “great whore” spoken of in Revelation 17-18 that commits “fornication” with world rulers, lives in extreme luxury and gets “drunk with the blood of the saints” before finally meeting her fiery destruction?
Who is this mysterious woman?
Popular theories say it’s the Roman Catholic Church. Others point to New York City, seat of the United Nations, Wall Street and all manner of human greed and fleshly lusts. Some say it’s apostate Christianity in general, not just the Catholic Church, or America as a whole, not just New York.
Still others point to Mecca and Saudi Arabia’s royal family, which lives in opulence and owns everything from diamond-studded cars, a harem of sex slaves and more than a few Washington politicians.
Whatever it is, this mysterious Babylonian spirit reigns supreme during the very last days, and if the amount of space devoted to it in the Bible is any indication of its importance, then it might behoove the faithful to dig deep into the bowels of Revelation 17-19, Isaiah 13-14 and Jeremiah 50 in search of clues.

Solving this mystery could hold the key to understanding the spiritual battle raging right now in the earth, say the authors of a new book, “The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible’s Greatest End Times Mystery.”
To understand what is happening now regarding the “Babylonian spirit” you have to go back to the beginning, says Paul McGuire, co-author of the book with Troy Anderson, who is executive editor of Charisma magazine.
There has always been a human element seeking to build a false utopia devoid of God, he said. The essential question is, who are they and what is motivating them?
The Garden of Eden was a perfect world in terms of economic prosperity, health and well-being. But a powerful fallen angel named Lucifer became the temporary ‘god of this world’ after the fall of mankind,” McGuire explains.
And here’s where it starts to get interesting. The book’s authors take the reader on a historical journey in an effort to connect the unseen dots. Many of them are found hiding in plain view.
“Since that time, Lucifer has been leading a revolution against God along with one-third of the angels. The world system, or the Babylonian system, is Luciferian in nature,” McGuire told WND.
Nimrod, the great-grandson of Noah, created the first world government, religion and economic system in ancient Babylon. The Tower of Babel was his crowning achievement.
“That is why, ever since ancient Babylon, a secret priesthood of Luciferian elites has conducted secret rituals and passed on secret Luciferian knowledge through what is known as ‘Mystery, Babylon,’” McGuire said.
Plato spoke of it in his “Republic,” where he said the ideal society would be ruled by a very small number of “philosopher kings.” Sir Francis Bacon described a secret ruling elite in his novel “New Atlantis.” Similar principles were found in the French Revolution, the various communist revolutions, and in Hitler’s national socialist revolution.
America, the landing ground of Illuminati?
And America has not been exempt, according to the authors. It has been a pivotal playground for these elites since the time of its founding.
Evidence of their secret occult influence can be seen in the symbols incorporated on America’s money. The backside of a dollar bill shows an unfinished pyramid with an all-seeing eye in the capstone. Underneath the pyramid are the words: “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” Latin for “New Order of the Ages.” On the right side is a mysterious bird, which the book’s authors say looks a lot like the Phoenix, a bird that was to rise from the ashes of a destroyed civilization and usher in a new world order in the mythical story of Atlantis.
But unlike Soviet Russia or Jacobin France, America has always been a battleground of conflicting ideas in which biblical Christianity has served as arch rival to Illuminati elites. Biblical principles of natural law and unalienable rights provided by the “Creator” were embedded in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. That battle continues to this day.
“As we document in our book, this secret knowledge has been passed on through secret societies throughout the ages. The names of these societies have been changed many times over the centuries,” McGuire said. “For example, Sir Francis Bacon, a member of Britain’s Parliament, was head of the Rosicrucian Order, which is believed to have later morphed into the Bavarian Illuminati, a fashionable 18th century secret society that attracted some of Bavaria’s leading intellectuals.”
Today, these powerful secret societies include Yale University’s Skull and Bones, whose members include both Bush presidents and current Secretary of State John Kerry; Bohemian Grove, which conducts mock human sacrifices at its annual retreat in rural California; the Bilderbergs; Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome and Trilateral Commission.
“They are the scientific elite or the technocratic elite that the philosopher Plato referred to as the 10 god-kings,” McGuire said.
Aldous Huxley, the brother of UNESCO founder and eugenicist Julian Huxley, wrote about the coming technocracy in his classic work “A Brave New World.”
Aldous Huxley wrote that the term “technocratic elite” comes from the word “techne” and techne comes from the word “wicca,” which implies the power or magic to reconfigure reality through supernatural power.
“The Babylon Code” postulates that the secret knowledge originated with Nimrod, whose Tower of Babel provoked God to scatter the people and scramble their languages. This knowledge was passed to ancient Egypt, then got handed down to the Greeks and Romans before landing in modern Europe and America.
‘Guarding their secret knowledge’
As a means of control, McGuire says, the elites are careful to keep this knowledge highly compartmentalized, shielding the bigger picture so that even the lower-level elites do not understand where things are heading.
He includes presidents, prime ministers, scientists and educators among the “lower levels of the elite.” These lower elites work to create a completely secular society, pushing an atheistic view of the world in schools, universities and business. But this “scientific materialism” is a fraudulent cover meant to keep the wider population in the dark about spiritual realities, probably because they know that a truly spiritual, Christian population will be more difficult to deceive and lead into spiritual darkness and, ultimately, into political enslavement.
McGuire said the only way to fight this evil is with supernatural power. It cannot be defeated in the political arena alone.
“Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto preached the same message as the Illuminati Manifesto,” he said: Destroy the family, cause divisions, and destroy religion, especially Christianity. After all is destroyed, rebuild according to the utopian vision of total control by the elites.
Similar principles are taught in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” which was dedicated to the “very first rebel …Lucifer.”
“So there’s like a secret priesthood of people who have access to this supernatural power but the way they maintain control is they create a firewall between them and the so-called masses and they hide their power and the only thing they tell the masses is there is no God and it’s all just about the material world, and the only thing that’s real is that which you can see,” McGuire said.
“God has no meaning, we’re all just evolved animals,” he continued. “But the Illuminati created communism and they know there are supernatural forces and they use things like communism or fascism to deceive the masses. That’s the way they keep their control, but meanwhile they are accessing and deploying supernatural power all along. You go back to the intellectuals like Bertrand Russell, Huxley and H.G. Wells, and you discover they were not the secular humanists they pretended to be. They were secretly steeped in the occult.”
’1.5 billion bow five times a day toward Mecca’
Others, such as end-times Bible prophecy teacher Joel Richardson, hold to a very different view of Revelation 17-18 and the identity of Mystery Babylon.
Richardson, author of “The Islamic Antichrist” and “Mideast Beast,” identifies this “great harlot” riding the beast as the present day kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
He traces his view back to Daniel 7 and the four beast empires. He said the Christian use of the word “Babylon” has traditionally been used as a metaphor to describe whatever evil empire happened to be reigning on the earth at the time.
“This motif of a beast as an empire is picked up in Revelation 17 and expanded upon,” Richardson said. “She is seen sitting on and riding the beast. The beast represents the final world empire that is the satanic empire that will be the vehicle of the Antichrist and his armies. The beast is the main competitor or the enemy of the people of God in the earth. So the woman and the beast, they are rider and steed, they go together, the great harlot and the beast. They are a team.”
Richardson breaks down Mystery Babylon, the great whore, by the following characteristics.

  • She lives in a desert and sits on many waters, which is peoples or groups of people.
  • She’s sitting on a scarlet beast clothed in purple, indicating royalty.
  • She is portrayed as both a queen and a prostitute.
  • She is both a powerful religious and economic force in the earth.
  • She commits spiritual fornication with false gods.
  • She has influence with many kings of the earth.
  • The kings have committed fornication with her, to engage in idolatry with her.
  • She is a heavy consumer, and through her purchasing makes the merchants of the earth rich.
  • She spreads her false religious convictions throughout the world.
  • She is responsible for the shed blood of the people of God, Israel and its spiritual offspring, the followers of Jesus.
  • She lives in extreme luxury and the kings who committed fornication with her also lived luxuriously with her.
  • Not only the kings but the peoples of the earth committed fornication with her.
  • The beast nations will hate her. These are the nations that make up the final union of the beast empire – Iran-Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Sudan, Libya. They will “devour her and burn her flesh.”
  • She represents the greatest false religion that has ever existed.
  • She is the biggest spiritual whore on the earth, and all nations have “drunk the wine” of her false religion, and will feel the wrath of God.
  • She is a rabid consumer, causing the merchants to weep over her destruction.
  • She is portrayed as a coastal city. The shipmasters and anyone who trades on the sea “stood at a distance” and mourned her destruction.
    Richardson believes the key verse to identifying this great harlot is found in 1 Peter 5:13. Peter was in Rome at the time and referred to the church “who is in Babylon.”
    “Babylon” was a code word in the early church for Rome, the capital city of the reigning beast empire.
    “Rome was the antichrist system, the pagan empire that’s at enmity with the Church,” Richardson said. “In succession these are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome.”
    Then there will be a seventh and final beast system, which Richardson believes was the Islamic Ottoman Empire. It will be revived and make a curtain call in the last days before Christ returns.
    In the first century the Roman Empire was Satan’s physical instrument to come against God’s people, he said.
    It was the spiritual capital of the reigning antichrist empire. It was the Babylon of the early church.
    So Richardson’s theory is that Mecca can be interpreted as today’s spiritual Babylon, the capital of world idolatry and the economic stronghold of Satan’s work in the earth.
    Richardson says the Islamic empire meets all of the criteria of the world’s final beast system.
    “It is the greatest stronghold of Satan in the earth,” he said.
    Only Muslims are allowed into the city and millions make annual pilgrimages to touch the Kaaba, a black stone that Muslims believe has the power to forgive sin.
    “We have 1.5 billion people who five times every day bow down and pray to a false god and they are, make no mistake, worshiping Satan,” he says.
    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he says, is the fulfillment of this prophecy in Revelation 17-18 because it fulfills every biblical criteria of the “whore.”
    Richardson said people talk about the “Israeli lobby” in Washington but the “Saudi lobby” dwarfs it by comparison. The Saudi royal family has had almost every important politician in Washington in its pocket going back decades. The family lives in extravagant luxury to the point of overkill, like the diamond-studded Mercedes owned by Prince al-Walid bin Talal and the legendary stories of multiple gigantic palaces with gold toilets and female harems at their beck and call.
    “The stories of Saudi wealth are just ridiculous. The now deceased King Fahd owned dozens of palaces each more grandeur than the past. Architects estimated one was worth several billion, and that was in the 1980s. Fahd also had a 100-room house in Marbella Spain, one in Paris, one in Geneva, 24 Rolls Royces with gold hood ornaments,” Richardson said. “Prince Talal donated $50 million to CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), which is the main jihadist organization in the U.S. — not military but intellectual jihad. It’s chief spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, said he desired to see the U.S. Constitution replaced by shariah law.”
    Carters, Bushes, Clintons, Obamas all ‘owned’ by Saudis
    Prince Talal donated $20 million to Harvard to create an Islamic Studies program and another $20 million to Georgetown.
    “He came to Harvard to lecture us that we need to be more tolerant of Islam, this from a guy whose country makes it illegal to open a church or be a Christian. That is the very picture of hypocrisy and arrogance,” Richardson said. “Harvard committed fornication with him, accepting his gift and spreading his Islamist propaganda. You don’t give someone $20 million for no reason.”
    He said Saudi money buys not only influence. It buys silence.
    Saudi Arabia is one of the most brutal societies in the world, where minor crimes such as stealing result in the amputation of limbs, where women are stoned to death for adultery and Christians face beheading, yet not a word of rebuke is ever heard from Washington.
    Richardson said the Saudis have given millions to former President Jimmy Carter to fund the Carter Center in Atlanta, which he then uses to spread anti-Israel propaganda while never uttering a word against Palestinian terrorism or Saudi repression of women, homosexuals and other minorities. The Bushes and the Clintons are just as indebted to the Saudis.
    Talal, the Saudi prince, paid off the student loans Barack Obama owed for his Harvard law degree.
    No wonder Obama “bowed before the Saudi king,” Richardson said.
    Obama refuses to even discuss the Saudi lobby’s influence.
    “They buy every other western nation as well. They’re the only nation on earth that has that kind of money,” Richardson said. “They have influenced the United Nations to hate Israel. They pay for the madrasas, the Islamic centers and mosques of the world and then they send their literature there that encourages jihad against Christians, against Americans and Jews. They are funding jihad around the world.”
    But if biblical prophecy holds true and Saudi Arabia is the last days “Babylon,” they have a day of reckoning coming, “and they know it,” Richardson said.
    “They spend more per capita than any other nation on arms, to protect themselves from their own people,” he said. “She is going to be confronted and killed by the beast she has created. It will turn on her and devour her.”
    Saudi Arabia produces only two things: Radical Islam and oil.
    “Everything else they have, they buy,” Richardson said. “They even buy people, ‘the bodies and souls of men.’”
    Richardson said there have been countless stories of female migrant workers from the Philippines and other countries who travel to Saudi Arabia thinking they will be house maids and they end up being trapped in a life of sex slavery.”
    How long will the ‘mystery’ last?
    Carl Gallups, author of “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation,” and “Be Thou Prepared” said there is so much going on prophetically that it’s hard to track, from the approaching end of the Shemitah year on Sept. 13 to the pope’s visit to America Sept. 23-25, to the rise of ISIS and its genocide against Christians in the Middle East. Not to mention the pending Iranian nuclear deal and imploding national economies.
    “The bottom line is this: I have a feeling that Mystery Babylon will not be such a mystery much longer,” Gallups said. “As with all end-time prophecy – once it converges into reality, the biblical prophecies will then be crystal clear. My main message to the world is this: If you don’t know Jesus Christ as savior and Lord, now is the time. If you do – then remember you have been placed in this time of history for ‘such a time as this’ – so, advance the Kingdom of Christ as a faithful ambassador – while there is still time.”


She is portrayed as a coastal city. The shipmasters and anyone who trades on the sea “stood at a distance” and mourned her destruction.

Mecca[3] (/ˈmɛkə/; Arabic: مكة‎), also transliterated Makkah (pronounced [ˈmæk.kæ]), is a city in the Hejaz in Saudi Arabia.[4] It is the capital of that kingdom’s Makkah Region. The city is located 70 km (43 mi) inland from Jeddah in a narrow valley at a height of 277 m (909 ft) above sea level. (Wikipedia)

Joel Richardson seems to be a nice guy, and a genuine Christian. But he really should leave eschatology to those who can at least read a map. Mecca isn’t a coastal city.

She’s sitting on a scarlet beast clothed in purple, indicating royalty.

Unlike the Islam’s clerics, who dress mostly in black. Roman Catholic hierarchy prefer to dress in scarlet and purple.

She is portrayed as both a queen and a prostitute.

In what way could the male dominated religion of Islam be associated with a queen? Prostitute is often used in the Bible to describe those who once were in relationship with God, but went after false gods. Unlike the Catholic church, Islam was never in relationship with the one true God.


Turkish Leader – Foreshadowing An Islamic Antichrist?



Reports continue to pop up in Middle East publications that Turkey’s leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is seen within his ruling AK Party as more than just a president.
Consider the following reports out of Turkey:
A billboard has appeared in the Gölbaşı district of Adıyaman province inviting people to attend a “holy birthday” event to celebrate Erdoğan’s birthday. The negative reaction this billboard received on social media stems from the fact that such an event is usually held to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. The billboard was an invitation to “a program of unity and togetherness organized on the occasion of the birthday of our president.”

The event was organized by the Gölbaşı Municipality, reported Today’s Zaman, a secular Turkish newspaper. No government officials or supporters have objected to the billboard or the statements.

AK Party Bursa deputy Hüseyin Şahin said touching Erdoğan is a form of prayer, while AK Party Düzce deputy Fevai Arslan said Erdoğan has “all the attributes” of God.

A March 30 article for Al Monitor by columnist Mustafa Akyol notes that devotion to Erdogan or “Erdoganism” is “morphing into an ideology unto itself, disillusioning veterans of Turkey’s Islamist movement.”
Akyol, whose articles also appear in the International New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News, wrote:
“Pro-Erdogan propaganda, to which almost half the Turkish media is now fully devoted, has taken the shape of a cult of personality, which is also not a typical Islamist phenomenon. A recent book, ‘Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The Sun of the Age,’ proudly refers to him as ‘an idol for our youth,’ which would sound bizarre, if not heretical, to the average Islamist. In 2011, an AKP deputy declared, ‘Even touching Erdogan is a form of worship,’ and in 2014 another AKP deputy proclaimed that Erdogan ‘carries all the attributes of Allah in himself.’ Such views, heretical from a traditional Islamic perspective, were criticized and ridiculed by Erdogan’s opponents, but he conspicuously said nothing.”
Voice crying in the wilderness
Joel Richardson, author of “The Islamic Antichrist” and director of the documentary film “End Times Eyewitness,” does not believe Erdogan is the Antichrist. But he has been warning for years that something is going on in Turkey worth watching, and that this country of 78 million people and home to the region’s largest army could ultimately be more dangerous than ISIS or even Iran. In short, it is fertile ground for an antichrist figure to rise up and lead a large portion of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.
It should be remembered that the death toll caused by ISIS, which has shocked the world with its brutality toward Christians and other religious minorities, is still miniscule compared to the genocidal feats of the Ottoman Empire, which slaughtered 1.5 million Armenian Christians and another million or so Greek Orthodox, Syriac Orthodox and Protestant Christians. The 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide is being commemorated on April 24.
More than four years ago, while being interviewed for Glenn Beck’s documentary, “Rumors of War Part 2,” Richardson made the statement that in Erdogan, “We have the modern-day Adolf Hitler of the Middle East emerging right before our eyes.”
This seemed like an extreme statement to make at the time. But in light of recent developments, Richardson’s assessment of Erdogan now appears less controversial.
“He is a megalomaniacal dictator of the worst stripe, in a nation where nationalism is a religion, and that celebrates excessive exalted leadership like their Sultans of the past,” Richardson told WND.
It is nearly impossible for most Americans to grasp the degree of nationalism that exists in Turkey, he said.
That’s why he tried to provide a taste of the leader-worship during a rally he filmed for “End Times Eyewitness.” Richardson gives viewers of this documentary a front-row seat at an AKP rally in which a sea of adoring fans wave flags and chant songs to exult their leader, Erdogan.
“When we look back at the Nazi rallies, we recoil at the way Germans had an almost religious devotion to their nation and to their leader, Adolf Hitler,” Richardson says. “Although there is a strong contingency of those who do not support Erdogan in Turkey, for those of the AK party who do, their support for him is nearly religious.”
Man of the hour?
Not only is Erdogan the embodiment of Turkish success over the past decade, but more importantly, he is the embodiment of Turkey’s future aspirations, specifically at a time when many Muslims believe Islam is rising up to take its rightful place in the world.
It remains to be seen whether Erdogan’s god-like appeal among his own party in Turkey will translate beyond his borders. Right now he is just one of several international Muslim leaders competing for influence among the wider “uma” of Muslim believers. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the leader of the ISIS caliphate, would surely have something to say about who leads the restored Ottoman Empire.
“As so much of the Muslim world now believes that we are on the very cusp of the messianic age or the age of the Mahdi, Erdogan is looked to (by his followers) as the chosen one, poised to lead the Turks into a position of exalted leadership over the Islamic community, and thus the world,” Richardson said. “In the eyes of many religious Turks, Erdogan is the one who will forever enshrine the Turkish people as divinely ones, the race called by Allah to lead the world.”
Some Christian prophecy watchers, such as Walid Shoebat, believe Erdogan is essentially claiming to be God by not rebuking those who have anointed him with such lofty status.
Richardson doesn’t go this far.
“This isn’t really true, although he is most certainly pushing the boundaries of orthodox Islam and upsetting some imams in the process,” he said. “In the same way that President Obama imbibed upon and played up the messianic devotion that swirled around him during his candidacy, so also is Erdogan playing the Mahdi card.”
The similarities between Nazi Germany and present-day Turkey can be seen in numerous ways.
It is plainly evident in the philosophy of Turkey’s prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, who is the architect of the Islamist party of Turkey’s rise to success over the past decade.
In his 2001 book, “Strategic Depth,” Davutoglu draws upon the political philosophy of German Karl Haushofer, who popularized the idea of Lebensraum, or living space, a phrase employed by Germany during the 1920s and 1930s to emphasize the need to expand its borders into Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia and beyond.
Davutoglu believes the nations established after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire are artificial Western creations.
“Turkey must reclaim these nations in order to carve out its own Lebensraum – a phrase he uses unapologetically throughout his book,” Richardson said. “Davutoglu argues that reclaiming the nations that comprise the former Ottoman Empire is an act of saving them. He believes it would bring about the cultural and economic unification of the Islamic world, which Turkey will lead into the messianic era.”
And every messianic era needs a messiah.
“In the imagination of many Turks, Erdogan is the man to fill this role,” Richardson said.
“In the years ahead, the world must keep its eyes on the profoundly dangerous combination of Islamism and messianic nationalism that has arisen in Turkey,” he said. “Never before have we seen a moment where so many dangerous trends are all emerging at the same time.”

That’s why he tried to provide a taste of the leader-worship during a rally he filmed for “End Times Eyewitness.” Richardson gives viewers of this documentary a front-row seat at an AKP rally in which a sea of adoring fans wave flags and chant songs to exult their leader, Erdogan.

On that basis every political rally held in the USA could be said to be worshiping the Antichrist.

Mahdi To Return By 2016, Followed By Jesus?



It’s not only evangelical Christians who are sensing that something has changed in the world, and that we may be entering the very last days.
Muslims are also eagerly awaiting their messiah.
In the latest evidence of this messianic fervor, a mainstream Sunni Muslim website has decreed that the Islamic messiah, called the Mahdi, will appear this year or in 2016 and that the Muslim Jesus will return in 2022 to conquer the world for Islam.
DiscoveringIslam.org and the End Times Research Center have calculated that the “first phase” of the end of time will begin soon and lead to the “Day of Judgment” in seven years.
The estimates were derived from “the latest research” into numerical analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic words and historical events,” according to DiscoveringIslam.org.
“The Messenger of Allah informed the Companions of everything that would occur until the Day of Resurrection,” the website reports.
“Based on our numerical analysis of the Quran and Hadith, the official beginning of the End of Time and the coming of the Imam Mahdi will most likely be in 2015 (or 2016) and Jesus Christ (p) will come down from Heaven to Earth in 2022, in-sha Allah (if Allah is willing),” the website reported.
The Quran and the Bible put forth end-times narratives that are similar but opposite. The Bible’s antichrist, for instance, resembles Islam’s messiah while Muslims view the Jesus of the Bible as their antichrist or “Dajjal.” The Quran teaches that Jesus returns to earth but for a very different purpose – to “break the cross” and convert the world’s Christians to Islam.
Bible teacher Joel Richardson underscores the inverted end-time views of the two faiths in his New York Times-best-selling book, “The Islamic Antichrist,” and his documentary film, “End Times Eyewitness.”

Richardson is an expert in eschatology, or the order of end-times events, as presented in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. He points to Jesus’ warnings in Matthew 24 and Mark 13 that false teachers and false prophets would arise in the last days to deceive many.
Richardson believes Muhammad is one of those false prophets. But the religion he founded, Islam, must be taken seriously because 1.4 billion people believe in its teachings, which are apocalyptic and getting more so, Richardson said. In fact, it’s impossible to understand what inspires and motivates Islamic radicals such as ISIS or al-Qaida if you aren’t familiar with their eschatology.
But it’s not just the radicals who believe in the Islamic teachings about the apocalypse, he said.
“It is frequently claimed that those who believe these things are but the tiny minority of radicals,” Richardson told WND. “But what the (Discovering Islam) article reveals, is that even many mainstream Muslims now believe that the last days are upon us.”
Many Muslims across the globe see the unfolding events in Syria and Iraq as proof that the prophetic traditions of Islam are coming to pass and will soon lead to the return of the Muslim Jesus and the Mahdi.
As previously reported by WND last October, an influential Turkish Muslim media personality and prolific author, Adnan Aktar, said he expects the Mahdi to appear in Istanbul.
Aktar said the Mahdi will communicate with spirit beings called the djinn, who will help Muslims prevail throughout the world.
ISIS expects a major battle to occur near the Syrian city of Dabiq between the soldiers of Allah and the “Romans,” who are seen as the leaders of the infidel Western powers fighting alongside apostate Muslims. Some analysts have said ISIS could be trying to hasten this battle by goading the U.S. into putting boots on the ground in Syria.
According to the Islamic view the soldiers of Allah will win this battle, ushering in a period marked by the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel and the dominance of Muslims globally.
Check out Joel Richardson’s two ground-breaking books, “The Islamic Antichrist” and “Mideast Beast,” which have won acclaim from Bible scholars the world over and led many to reconsider the view that the Antichrist will arise out of Europe.
“Even if none of these things are true, there is power in prophecy, and the sense of divine endorsement that this empowers many with will have horrific consequences in the days ahead,” Richardson said. “When Christians think about Jesus warning of the rise of false prophets in the last days, we often think of false voices within the church. No doubt, we have plenty of such voices, shouting ‘peace and security,’ ‘all is well,’ ‘thrive and prosper,’ etc. But rarely do many Christians think of the false prophetic traditions of Islam that are misleading a large segment of mankind.”
As novelist and filmmaker Joel C. Rosenberg recently noted, the greatest danger to the world is not merely radical Islam, but apocalyptic Islam.
“In Tehran, our own president has just agreed to allow the single most apocalyptic regime in the earth to attain nuclear weapons,” Richardson said. “Never before has the term ‘existential threat’ been so real.”

The estimates were derived from “the latest research” into numerical analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic words and historical events,” according to DiscoveringIslam.org.

We can safely chuck that lot in the bin!

Check out Joel Richardson’s two ground-breaking books, “The Islamic Antichrist” and “Mideast Beast,” which have won acclaim from Bible scholars the world over and led many to reconsider the view that the Antichrist will arise out of Europe.

Best save your money! The Islamic Antichrist theory has no Biblical support.

Prophecy Buffs Speculate About Possible Rise Of The Antichrist On World Stage




Alexios Tsipras has been prime minister of Greece for just over a month and is already a candidate for another office, according to some Christian prophecy buffs – the office of “Antichrist.”
Tsipras has “burst onto the scene,” as one blogger describes it, at a time of great economic uncertainty in a country, Greece, that was the 10th member to join the European Union in 1981. And, of course, everyone knows that the Bible predicts the antichrist will arise from a 10-member confederation of nations, presumed by many to be the European Union, which is seen as the “revived Roman empire” described in Daniel and Revelation.
This Euro rock star has “appeared out of nowhere over the last couple of years, almost magically,” writes one prophecy blogger with sights on Tsipras.
Among the characteristics that have put the 40-year-old leader on the radar of antichrist hunters are:
1) He is a young, charismatic leader suddenly assuming power in Greece and executing actions “in his own name.” He apparently issued his own oath of office to himself. 2) He recently met with Pope Francis at the Vatican to discuss a peace deal for the Middle East. 3) He is an avowed atheist of Jewish descent. 4) He is of Greek nationality. 5) He was born on July 28, 1974, which that year fell on the Tisha B’Av or the 9th of Av on the Jewish calendar, the day on which many Jewish calamities occurred including the destruction of first and second temples and the eviction of Jews from England in the year 1290 and from Spain in 1492. 6) He is rabidly anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist.
WND contacted several prophecy experts and Bible teachers to get their take on this phenomenon.
Joel Richardson, author of the best-seller “The Islamic Antichrist” as well as “Mideast Beast” and “When a Jew Rules the World,” is as interested as anyone in the rise of the world figure the Bible calls the antichrist. He’s written two books that deal explicitly with that topic. But, he says, it can become a distraction.
He points to all the misses of the past few decades in which well-known global figures were seen as the embodiment of Satan on earth – Ayatollah Khomeini, President Clinton, Javier Solana and nearly every pope.
And who can forget the suspicions about Ronald Wilson Reagan? Didn’t he have six letters in each name? Perhaps this theory was popular among Russian Christians, while at the same time believers on this side of the Cold War had their eyes on Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. (Remember that ugly mark on his forehead?)
Today, many fixate on Prince Charles and Princes William or Harry, citing the “beastly” symbols in the royal family’s crest.
President Obama is in his final years in office, but rest assured, Richardson said, this article will be followed by dozens of comments declaring that it would be remiss for any good antichrist speculator to ignore the fact that Obama is indeed the lawless one, the Son of perdition.
But come on, Obama is so yesterday, others will argue.
There is a new kid on the block who is gaining the attention of today’s antichrist pointers. The man is the new Greek prime minister.
“The problem with the list of evidence against Tsipras is that there are only two of the signs that one could point to as a scripturally defined characteristic of the antichrist,” Richardson said.
He is, after all, quite charismatic, and such a nice looking fellow, too.
Yes, but couldn’t this be said of virtually every world leader, at least to some extent? Richardson gives that one a swing and a miss. Strike one.
What about his “anti-Semitism”?
Check, you may have something here, notes Richardson.
“Clearly, the antichrist will be a great hater of God’s covenant people. There are too many biblical passages that point to this reality to cite here,” he said.
He was born Jewish.
“The most glaring problem with the sometimes popular notion that the antichrist will be Jewish is the fact that every single type of the antichrist in the Bible was an antagonistic gentile ruler,” Richardson points out. “Whether Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Antiochus IV Epiphanies, or the various Roman caesars, none were Jewish.”
jew_rules_worldAll were gentile world leaders who engaged in the invasion and ravaging of the land and the people of Israel. It is common to hear Christians argue that the antichrist must be Jewish, for the Jews would never accept anyone other than a Jew as their Messiah. The problem with this line of thought is that nowhere does the Bible say that the antichrist will claim to be the Jewish Messiah. Instead, it says he will deceive the leaders of Israel into entering into a covenant with him (Daniel 9., Isa. 28:15). This will more than likely be some form of security agreement.”
A big whiff from our prophecy expert on this one. Strike two.
OK, so what about Tsipras’s Greek ethnicity? Surely the antichrist will be Greek, right?
This argument is rooted in the fact that Antiochus IV Epiphanies, perhaps the Bible’s greatest type of the Antichrist emerged from the broken Alexandrian Greek Empire.
“But if one considers the two chapters which focus in on Antiochus as a type of the Antichrist, Daniel chapters 8 and 11, neither chapter ever points to Antiochus’ ethnicity, but instead these chapters point to the region from which the antichrist will emerge,” Richardson notes. “The very title ‘King of the North’ which is applied to both Antiochus and the antichrist throughout Daniel 11 is a title which clearly points to the geography of the antichrist as emerging from the same general region as the ancient Seleucid dynasty.”
In modern terms, this correlates roughly to Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.
Further study of these chapters reveals that the Antichrist emerges out of the region of the Seleucid dynasty and begins as a leader of little account. He is called a “small horn.”
While intriguing, it looks like another strike, perhaps a foul tip into the catcher’s mitt. Oh, by the way, that’s strike three if you’re counting.
“In the end, there is absolutely nothing of any substance that would indicate that the new Greek Prime Minister is the antichrist,” Richardson concludes.
Yet, many prophecy watchers will waste countless hours over the next few years of their life obsessing over yet another false antichrist.
“How many souls will not be won as a result?” Richardson asks. “How many poor and needy will not be cared for? How many hours of prayer will be passed over? How many hours of Bible study will be neglected?
Could antichrist be coming into focus?
Carl Gallups, a Baptist pastor and author of “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation,” a book that strikes close to this issue, is also skeptical about the new Greek prime minister’s antichrist qualifications.
First, we must be honest with scripture, he said. There will be a generation that finally sees the “real deal” in the way of the antichrist.
The apostle John was declaring the “spirit of antichrist” already present in the first century and “even now many antichrists have come.”
It is also a fact that the Bible contains a plethora of distinguishing characteristics of, and warnings about, the antichrist. In the New Testament, Jesus himself gave specific details regarding the diabolical figure (Matthew 24) and related the topic back to the book of Daniel. While speaking prophetically about the end-times generation, Jesus told His disciples (who would eventually represent the church itself), “When you see the abomination …”
The apostle Paul gave the church more details about the antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2), and John gave the church even more particulars (Revelation 13). The book of Daniel is chock full of antichrist identification facts from chapters 7 through 11.
“So, there seems to be a biblical precedent for the people of God to cautiously engage in a process of ‘contextual biblical discernment’ concerning the times in which we live, including at least the biblical understanding of the antichrist figure that surely is to come,” Gallups said.
However, in the 2,000 years since the time of Christ, Christians have attempted to identify many characters as “the antichrist.”
Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, various popes, various U.S. presidents, and other powerful world leaders have made the list. And, it is no secret that many Christians claim to see “antichrist spirit” characteristics in any number of current world leaders. Again, their batting average has been abysmal and if these prophecy gurus were baseball players they would not even make it in the minor leagues.
“There can be little doubt that the ‘spirit of antichrist’ continues to grow stronger with the passing years and the continual degradation of the world’s attitude toward the Word of God and Jesus Christ,” Gallups said. “The advice I give to Christians who inquire upon this subject is: carefully discern the times, rightly divide the Word of truth, stay cognizant of the growing spirit of deception and deceit so that we might speak biblical truth and relevance to the decaying culture around us, and keep the main thing – the main thing. Winning souls, equipping the saints, and effectively advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in hearts and lives.”
Beware of ‘Chrislam’ and similar deceptions
Mark Biltz, author of the “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs,” says Tsipras is not the antichrist, and this type of speculation is a waste of time.
“We need to stay focused on the Messiah, not the anti-messiah,” he said.
The Bible says the antichrist will be a master deceiver, and most of modern Christianity is vulnerable to deception because they adhere to replacement theology, he said. This is the idea that the church has replaced Israel as God’s chosen people and God is done with Israel.
Revelation says that God will have His “two witnesses” on earth in the same time frame that Satan has his antichrist and false prophet, Biltz noted.
Biltz believes more focus needs to be on understanding and dividing sound doctrine from false doctrine, rather than pointing to various personalities. If the focus is on a man, deception will be the rule. Biltz writes:
“Here we are coming upon Purim and the story of Haman and Esther. A few months ago we had the story of Hanukkah and Antiochus Epiphanes. What was the difference between Haman and Antiochus? Which one will the antichrist be more like? Historically, Haman came first and Haman wanted to kill all the Jews regardless. He was all about annihilation. Then came Antiochus. Antiochus did not want to kill all the Jews as he was all about assimilation. Hitler was a type of Haman. The antichrist will be more like Antiochus and will be more concerned with assimilation. We see this happening now with the advance of Chrislam and all the churches coming together under the banner of assimilation.”
When the antichrist does take power, those who refuse to assimilate into his system will be annihilated.
“So what will be advanced is, ‘You can keep your Jesus, just submit to me as well.’”
“Most people, given this option, will compromise because they do not know Torah principles or believe they are all done away with and we are only under grace. They will think God will understand if they submit because they are under grace and after all we still ‘believe’ in Jesus.”
In Daniel, it says he will look to change the “times and seasons.”
“Many don’t understand this is talking about God’s appointed times and festivals such as Passover,” Biltz said. “Because the church is on the wrong calendar they have done just that. As a matter of fact, next year Easter is a month before Passover! How do you celebrate the Resurrection a month before Christ even died?! Only if you changed the times and seasons! Believers need to wake up and get on God’s calendar, or they may think they figured out who the antichrist is but are completely deceived.”


The Alexios Tsipras debate  is a perfect example of what has come to be known as “newspaper eschatology”.

The book of Revelation states in its precise Greek language, that the Antichrist will be a ‘king’. Not a ‘Prime Minister’. Not merely some other form of leader.A king.

Revelation 17:9-11 – “This calls for a mind with wisdom. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits. They are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; but when he does come, he must remain for only a little while. The beast who once was, and now is not, is an eighth king. He belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction.”

Richardson notes. “The very title ‘King of the North’ which is applied to both Antiochus and the antichrist throughout Daniel 11 is a title which clearly points to the geography of the antichrist as emerging from the same general region as the ancient Seleucid dynasty.”
In modern terms, this correlates roughly to Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

Richardson notes wrongly!

Daniel 11 doesn’t point to the Antichrist being the ‘King of the North’. He assumes this because he wrongly assumes the king of Assyria to always be Assyrian.

Ezra 6:21-22

“And the children of Israel, which were come again out of captivity, and all such as had separated themselves unto them from the filthiness of the heathen of the land, to seek the LORD God of Israel, did eat, And kept the feast of unleavened bread seven days with joy: for the LORD had made them joyful, and turned the heart of the king of Assyria unto them, to strengthen their hands in the work of the house of God, the God of Israel.

That king of Assyria was Darius, king of the Persian empire that ruled over Assyria at the time. He wasn’t Assyrian. Neither were the kings of the Babylonian empire that were kings of Assyria before the Persians, or the Greeks and Romans who ruled over Assyria after them.

Antiochus IV Epiphanes was of Greek ancestry, born in the region north of Israel that was then a part of the Greek Seleucid empire. He was a hostage in Rome, from where he came and took the throne of the Seleucid empire with the help of the king of Pergamum. Thus foreshadowing Biblical prophecy that the future Antichrist will be of Greek heritage out of the revived Roman empire. Not a Muslim from Turkey as Richardson suggests!