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The real face of Jordan

by Caroline Glick


Jordan is the country to Israel’s east with which Israel has had a formal peace for 23 years.

And its people hate Israel, and Jews, even more than the Iranians do.

Every once in a while, the Jordanian people are given a chance to express how they really feel about Israel. It’s ugly.

Twenty years ago, on March 13, 1997, 7th and 8th grade girls from the AMIT Fuerst junior high school for girls in Beit Shemesh packed box lunches and boarded a school bus that was to take them to the Jordan Valley for a class trip. The high point of the day was the scheduled visit to the so-called “Island of Peace.”

The area, adjacent to the Naharayim electricity station, encompasses lands Israel ceded to Jordan in the 1994 peace treaty and Jordan leased back to Israel for continued cultivation by the Jewish farmers from Ashdot Yaakov who had bought the lands and farmed them for decades.

Israel’s formal transfer of sovereignty – and Jordan’s recognition of Jewish land rights to the area – were emblematic of the notion that the peace treaty was more than a piece of paper. Here, officials boasted, at the Island of Peace, we saw on-the-ground proof that Jordan and Israel were now peaceful neighbors.

Just as Americans in California can spend a night at the bars in Tijuana and then sleep it off in their beds in San Diego, so, the thinking went, after three years of formal peace, Israeli schoolgirls could eat their box lunches in Jordan, at the Island of Peace, and be home in time for dinner in Beit Shemesh.

Shortly after they alighted their buses, that illusion came to a brutal end.

The children were massacred.

A Jordanian policeman named of Ahmad Daqamseh, who was supposed to be protecting them, instead opened fire with his automatic rifle.

He murdered seven girls and wounded six more.

On Jordanian territory, the guests of the kingdom, the girls had no one to protect them. Daqamseh would have kept on killing and wounding, but his weapon jammed.

In the days that followed, Israel saw two faces of Jordan and with them, the true nature of the peace it had achieved.

On the one hand, in an extraordinary act of kindness and humility, King Hussein came to Israel and paid condolence calls at the homes of all seven girls. He bowed before their parents and asked for forgiveness.

On the other hand, Hussein’s subjects celebrated Daqamseh as a hero.

The Jordanian court system went out of its way not to treat him like a murderer. Instead of receiving the death penalty for his crime – as he would have received if his victims hadn’t been Jewish girls – the judges insisted he was crazy and sentenced him instead to life in prison. Under Jordanian law his sentence translated into 20 years in jail. In other words, Daqamseh received less than three years in jail for every little girl he murdered and no time for the six he wounded.

Not satisfied with his sentence, the Jordanian public repeatedly demanded his early release. The public’s adulation of Daqamseh was so widespread and deep-seated that in 2014, the majority of Jordan’s parliament members voted for his immediate release.

Three years earlier, in 2011, Jordan’s then-justice minister Hussein Majali extolled Daqamseh as a hero and called for his release.

Last week, sentence completed, Daqamseh was released. And within moments of his return, in the dead of night to his village, crowds of supporters emerged from their homes and celebrated their hero.

Daqamseh, the supposed madman, never expressed regret for his crime.

And now a free man, he was only too happy last week to use his release as a means of justifying, yet again, his crime.

“Normalization with Zionists is a lie!” he declared in an interview with Al Jazeera. He went on to call for the conquest of Israel and the destruction of the Jewish state.

Jordan owes its existence not to its population nor even to its silver- tongued monarch, Hussein’s son Abdullah. It owes its existence to its location. For Israel and the West the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a critical piece of real estate.

For Israel, the kingdom is a buffer against Iraq and Syria.

For the Americans it is a safe port in the storm in the midst of the Arab world now suffering from convulsions of jihadist revolutions, counterrevolutions, insurgencies and counterinsurgencies.

Jordan, which since 2003 has absorbed a million refugees from Iraq and another million from Syria, is viewed by Europeans as a great big refugee camp. It must be kept stable lest the Iraqis and Syrians move on to Europe.

If it weren’t for Israel and the Western powers, the Hashemite Kingdom would have been overthrown long ago.

Today, Jordan is an economic and social tinderbox. Its debt to GDP ratio skyrocketed from 57% to 90% between 2011 and 2016. Youth unemployment, while officially reported at 14%, actually stands at 38%.

Jordan, which is the second-poorest state in terms of its available water sources, relies on Israeli exports of water to survive. Its government is its largest employer. Its largest export is its people, whose remittances to their relatives back home keep 350,000 families afloat. And those remittances have fallen off dramatically in recent years due to the drop in oil prices on the world market.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the second largest political force in the country. Although Jordanians were revolted in 2015 when Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria burned alive a downed Jordanian pilot, ISIS has no shortage of sympathizers in wide swaths of Jordanian society. More than 2,000 Jordanians joined ISIS in Syria and several thousand more ISIS members and sympathizers are at large throughout the kingdom.

Whereas Palestinians used to make up an absolute majority of the population, leading many to observe over the years that the real Palestine is Jordan, since the Iraqi and Syria refugees swelled the ranks of the population, the Palestinian majority has been diminished.

Jordan is a reminder that nation building in the Arab world is a dangerous proposition. With each passing year, the US provides Jordan with more and more military and civilian aid to keep the regime afloat. And with each passing year, voices praising Daqamseh and his ilk continue to expand in numbers and volume.

Jordan shows that the concept of peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors is of limited value. So long as the hearts and the minds of the people of the Arab world are filled with conspiracy theories about Jews, and inspired by visions of jihad and destruction that render mass murderers of innocent schoolchildren heroes, the notion that genuine peace is possible is both irrational and irresponsible.

Recently it was reported that last October, Israel’s ambassador to Jordan Einat Schlein gave a pessimistic assessment of Jordan’s future prospects to IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkott. Eisenkott reportedly reacted to her briefing by suggesting that Israel needs to figure out a way to help the regime to survive.

Eisenkott was correct, of course.

Israel, which now faces a nightmare situation along its border with post-civil war Syria, does not want to face the prospect of a post-Hashemite Jordan, where the people will rule, on its doorstep.

But Israel can ill afford to assume that this will not happen one day, and plan accordingly.

Under the circumstances, the only way to safeguard against the day when Daqasmeh and his supporters rule Jordan is to apply Israeli law to the Jordan Valley and encourage tens of thousands of Israelis to settle down along the sparsely populated eastern border.

After the massacre, the parents of the dead children and the public as a whole demanded to know why the school hadn’t smuggled armed guards into the Island of Peace to protect them. Their question was a reasonable one.

Daqamseh was able to kill those girls because we let down our guard.

The only way to prevent that from happening again – writ large – is to reinforce that guard by reinforcing our control over eastern Israel.

23 years after the peace was signed, nothing has changed in the Kingdom of Jordan. No hearts and minds have been turned in our favor. The peace treaty has not protected us. The only thing that protects our children is our ability and willingness to use our weapons to protect them from our hate-drenched neighbors with whom we share treaties of peace.

Biblical King’s Palace Found Under Shrine Demolished by ISIS

ISIS is going around destroying any and all historical sites that belong to any religion besides Islam. But they may have just unwittingly helped prove the veracity of at least one book of the Bible.
While occupying the Iraqi city of Mosul, ISIS demolished the traditional Tomb of Jonah, the biblical prophet tasked with preaching to the people of the Assyrian capital of Nineveh.
After ISIS was recently pushed out of Mosul, archeologists had a chance to examine the wreckage, and made a stunning discovery.
Fox News reported that below the ancient tomb lies the long-lost palace of the Assyrian King Sennacherib, whose invasion of Judah and miraculous defeat before the walls of Jerusalem is extensively documented in the Bible.
In the palace, archeologists have begun to uncover ancient inscriptions and documents from the time of Sennacherib, his son King Esarhaddon, and his son King Ashurbanipal.
The find is one of the more exciting archeological finds in recent years, and provides yet further evidence that the biblical account of Middle East history is accurate.


Israel Today

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What I’m about to say is going to shock you: Israel has a bright future at the UN.
Now I know that hearing that from me must surely come as a surprise, because year after year I’ve stood at this very podium and slammed the UN for its obsessive bias against Israel.  And the UN deserved every scathing word for the disgrace of the General Assembly that last year passed 20 resolutions against the democratic State of Israel and a grand total of three resolutions against all the other countries on the planet.
And what about the joke called the UN Human Rights Council, which each year condemns Israel more than all the countries of the world combined.   As women are being systematically raped, murdered, sold into slavery across the world, which is the only country that the UN’s Commission on Women chose to condemn this year?
Yep, you guessed it Israel. Israel where women fly fighter jets, lead major corporations, head universities, preside twice over the Supreme Court, and have served as Speaker of the Knesset and Prime Minister.
And this circus continues at UNESCO, the UN body charged with preserving world heritage. Now, this is hard to believe but UNESCO just denied the 4,000 year connection between the Jewish people and its holiest site, the Temple Mount. That’s just as absurd as denying the connection between the Great Wall of China and China.
The UN, begun as a moral force, but has become a moral farce. So when it comes to Israel at the UN, you’d probably think nothing will ever change, right?
Well think again. You see, everything will change and a lot sooner than you think.  The change will happen in this hall, because back home, your governments are rapidly changing their attitudes towards Israel. And sooner or later, that’s going to change the way you vote on Israel at the UN.
More and more nations in Asia, in Africa, in Latin America, more and more nations see Israel as a potent partner in fighting the terrorism of today, a partner in developing the technology of tomorrow.
Today Israel has diplomatic relations with over 160 countries. That’s nearly double the number that we had when I served here as Israel’s Ambassador some 30 years ago. And those ties are getting broader and deeper every day. World leaders increasingly appreciate that Israel is a powerful country with one of the best intelligence services on earth.  Because of our unmatched experience and proven capabilities in fighting terrorism, many of your governments seek our help in keeping your countries safe.
Many also seek to benefit from Israel’s ingenuity in agriculture, in health, in water, in cyber and in the fusion of big data, connectivity and artificial intelligence – that fusion that is changing our world in every way.
You might consider this: Israel leads the world in recycling wastewater.  We recycle about 90% of our wastewater.  Now, how remarkable is that? Well, given that the next country on the list only recycles about 20% of its wastewater, Israel is a global water power. So if you have a thirsty world, and we do, there’s no better ally than Israel.
How about cybersecurity? That’s an issue that affects everyone. Israel accounts for one-tenth of one percent of the world’s population, yet last year we attracted some 20% of the global private investment in cybersecurity.  I want you to digest that number. In cyber, Israel is punching a whopping 200 times above its weight.  So Israel is also a global cyber power.
If hackers are targeting your banks, your planes, your power grids and just about everything else, Israel can offer indispensable help.
Governments are changing their attitudes towards Israel because they know that Israel can help them protect their peoples, can help them feed them, can help them better their lives.
In Africa, things are changing.  In China, India, Russia, Japan, attitudes towards Israel have changed as well.  These powerful nations know that, despite Israel’s small size, it can make a big difference in many, many areas that are important to them.
But now I’m going to surprise you even more. You see, the biggest change in attitudes towards Israel is taking place elsewhere.  It’s taking place in the Arab world.  Our peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan continue to be anchors of stability in the volatile Middle East.  But I have to tell you this: For the first time in my lifetime, many other states in the region recognize that Israel is not their enemy. They recognize that Israel is their ally.
Our common enemies are Iran and ISIS. Our common goals are security, prosperity and peace.  I believe that in the years ahead we will work together to achieve these goals, work together openly.
So Israel’s diplomatic relations are undergoing nothing less than a revolution. But in this revolution, we never forget that our most cherished alliance, our deepest friendship is with the United States of America, the most powerful and the most generous nation on earth. Our unbreakable bond with the United States of America transcends parties and politics. It reflects, above all else, the overwhelming support for Israel among the American people, support which is at record highs and for which we are deeply grateful.
The United Nations denounces Israel; the United States supports Israel. And a central pillar of that defense has been America’s consistent support for Israel at the UN.  I appreciate President Obama’s commitment to that longstanding US policy. In fact, the only time that the United States cast a UN Security Council veto during the Obama presidency was against an Anti-Israel resolution in 2011. 

As President Obama rightly declared at this podium, peace will not come from statements and resolutions at the United Nations.

I believe the day is not far off when Israel will be able to rely on many, many countries to stand with us at the UN.  Slowly but surely, the days when UN ambassadors reflexively condemn Israel, those days are coming to an end.
Today’s automatic majority against Israel at the UN reminds me of the story, the incredible story of Hiroo Onada.  Hiroo was a Japanese soldier who was sent to the Philippines in 1944. He lived in the jungle. He scavenged for food.  He evaded capture. Eventually he surrendered, but that didn’t happen until 1974, some 30 years after World War II ended. For decades, Hiroo refused to believe the war was over.  As Hiroo was hiding in the jungle, Japanese tourists were swimming in pools in American luxury hotels in nearby Manila. Finally, mercifully, Hiroo’s former commanding officer was sent to persuade him to come out of hiding.  Only then did Hiroo lay down his arms.
Distinguished delegates from so many lands, I have one message for you today:  Lay down your arms.  The war against Israel at the UN is over.  
Perhaps some of you don’t know it yet, but I am confident that one day in the not too distant future you will also get the message from your President or from your Prime Minister informing you that the war against Israel at the United Nations has ended. Yes, I know, there might be a storm before the calm.  I know there is talk about ganging up on Israel at the UN later this year. Given its history of hostility towards Israel, does anyone really believe that Israel will let the UN determine our security and our vital national interests?
We will not accept any attempt by the UN to dictate terms to Israel. The road to peace runs through Jerusalem and Ramallah, not through New York.
But regardless of what happens in the months ahead, I have total confidence that in the years ahead the revolution in Israel’s standing among the nations will finally penetrate this hall of nations.  I have so much confidence, in fact, that I predict that a decade from now an Israeli Prime Minister will stand right here where I am standing and actually applaud the UN. But I want to ask you: Why do we have to wait a decade?  Why keep vilifying Israel?
Perhaps because some of you don’t appreciate that the obsessive bias against Israel is not just a problem for my country, it’s a problem for your countries too.  Because if the UN spends so much time condemning the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, it has far less time to address war, disease, poverty, climate change and all the other serious problems that plague the planet.
Are the half million slaughtered Syrians helped by your condemnation of Israel? The same Israel that has treated thousands of injured Syrians in our hospitals, including a field hospital that I built right along the Golan Heights border with Syria. Are the gays hanging from cranes in Iran helped by your denigration of Israel?
That same Israel where gays march proudly in our streets and serve in our parliament, including I’m proud to say in my own Likud party.  Are the starving children in North Korea’s brutal tyranny, are they helped by your demonization of Israel? Israel, whose agricultural knowhow is feeding the hungry throughout the developing world?
The sooner the UN’s obsession with Israel ends, the better.  The better for Israel, the better for your countries, the better for the UN itself.
Netanyahu’s optimistic predictions are contrary to Bible prophecy. The bright future he predicts for Israel will not come about as a result of improving relations with the countries he mentions, I wish it would be so! But he is saying peace, peace, when calamity is just over the horizon. 
Israel will go through the final seven years (Tribulation) prophesied by Daniel 9:24-27. So will those countries who are against her. But in the end, Israel will be saved by her Messiah Jesus Christ. Those who tried to destroy her will be destroyed.
Pray for Israel, that all come to faith in their Messiah and know His peace.

Returning Home: Terrorists Present Immediate Threat

By PNW Staff


The support of U.S. and Russian-led bombings of Iraqi, Syrian and other ground forces are fast unseating the terror group from its territorial footholds. With the growing success on the ground comes the chaotic disbursement of refugees seeking safety and asylum as well as the return of radicals to their home nations.
Now, trained in the methods and operations of terror attacks on civilians, Western security agencies are bracing themselves for an influx of extremists and uncharted territory about how to keep track of them all.
According to reports by Newsweek, nearly 30,000 foreign extremists that joined the fight are still in Syria and Iraq. As the terror network loses ground, a wave of radicals is expected to return to their country of origin.
Reports have surfaced that, out of an estimated 850 who have traveled to support the reign of terror since 2014, nearly “400 British Islamic State fanatics have returned to the UK after fighting with the terror group in the Middle East”.
Since the recent decline of ISIS, the number of foreign fighters joining has waned significantly. However, Europol head Rob Wainwright reports that nearly 5,000 trained terrorists have already returned to Europe from the battlefields.
“The growing number of foreign fighters presents the EU countries with completely new challenges,” the EU law enforcement chief said. “It is expected that IS or other religious terrorist groups will carry out an attack somewhere in Europe, with the aim of achieving high losses among civilian population.”
Europe has already suffered numerous mass-murder attacks by Islamic radicals that included, among many others, the slaughter of 130 innocents in Paris, 77 in Nice and the brutal execution of a priest during morning Mass.
ISIS supporters have gloated about sleeper cells hidden throughout Europe which are ready to carry out attacks on innocent civilians.
One ISIS supporter boasted over social media about upcoming attacks which he claimed would be as deadly as those in Nice and Paris.
He said: “There are many cells being set up.
“That Islam will bring fear upon their land and each home.
“And many more attacks are carded.
“And on the way in many forms and fashions.
Political scientist Colin Clarke from the American think-tank RAND has warned Europe not to take the claims lightly.
He said: “This is a very patient group, so if there are jihadists that have already infiltrated various European countries, they could be in the process of gathering the logistics and materials necessary to conduct an attack, which could happen at any time.
In North America, Canada has grown increasingly fearful of a terror incident occurring inside its borders.
According to the Washington Free Beacon, Canadian officials have charged more than 40 individuals with terror-related offenses during the past 14 years. That number is on the rise as an additional 16 have been charged since January 2015.
Canadian officials are warning citizens that approximately 180 militants traveled from Canada to the Middle East to join terrorist organizations and they are tracking an additional 60 “extremist travelers who had returned to Canada,” according to a government report evidencing the Islamic State’s infiltration of North America.
The number of ISIS-connected radicals in the United States remains murky because the Obama administration has not been forthcoming with information about their ranks, unlike America’s northern neighbor. However, the frequency of ‘lone wolf’ and radicalized Muslim violence has grown.
In San Bernardino, California, 14 were killed and 22 wounded by a pair of homegrown Islamic terrorists last year and the Orlando night club attack claimed the lives of 49 in the name of ISIS. Compounding the fracturing of ISIS and the displacement of its fighters has been the mass movement of refugees and children brainwashed by the terror group.
Europe saw a record 1.3 asylum applications to 28 countries by refugees from the war-torn Middle East last year alone. The United States has already taken in more than its commitment of 10,000 Syrian refugees made by Pres. Obama.
While ISIS may not be systematically disguising terrorists as refugees, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that gunmen had exploited the refugee crisis to “slip in” to the country under the radar, according to Fox News. Similarly, ISIS has swelled its ranks with so-called “Cubs of the Caliphate” in hopes of spreading terror throughout the West after it falls.
In 2015, 88,245 unaccompanied children — 91 percent of them boys — sought European asylum. European governments have already admitted to losing track of many of these children, and those who have not already been indoctrinated by ISIS could become prime targets for extremist recruitment.
The overwhelming movement of people across borders has stretched the abilities of the agencies charged with monitoring potential threats beyond the breaking point. To date, Interpol has only managed to compile a list of some 7,000 foreign fighters from the estimated 30,000 and as many as 30 percent are thought to have already returned to their country of origin, according to a report by the Committee of the U.N. Security Council on ISIS and al-Qaida.
The report goes on to state that “some persons have returned with the specific intention and the willingness to commit terrorist attacks, as evidenced by the attacks in Paris and Brussels.”
Due to the tremendous amount of human displacement caused by the joint military operations that are crushing ISIS, the returning fanatics — now trained in the art of terror — pose an unprecedented danger to the largely unprotected civilian communities of Western countries.

Dabiq: Break The Cross

by Joel C. Rosenberg


The next President of the United States — and his or her advisors — need to carefully study and analyze the latest issue of Dabiq, the full-color propaganda magazine of the Islamic State. So do other world leaders, Members of Congress and Middle East policy-makers. So do you.

Three reasons — in this edition of Dabiq:

  1. ISIS leaders make clear they want to bring about the End of Days.
  2. ISIS leaders vow to “break the cross” — that is, to slaughter Christians in the Middle East, in the West, and around the world, and to annihilate Christianity from the Earth.
  3. ISIS leaders lay out the six reasons they hate us, they state their ultimate objective, and they explain why they will never stop killing until they achieve total victory.

Far too many leaders in Washington believe the West is winning the war against ISIS. That is a dangerous fallacy. The sober truth is that we are not winning. ISIS is winning. Yes, ISIS is losing large tracts of territory in Iraq. They are also losing ground in Syria. But their forces are growing. The global reach of their attacks is spreading. Their blood-thirsty version of Apocalyptic Islam is metastasizing.

At the same time, far too few leaders in Washington and other capitals truly understand the theology, eschatology and objectives motivating the men and women running ISIS.

This is not Al Qaeda 2.0. The Islamic State and their pursuit of the caliphate is something far, far more dangerous. Those who misunderstand the nature and threat of this especially pernicious form of evil are at risk of allowing the country to be repeatedly blindsided by it with catastrophic results.



Throughout the entire issue is the genocidal End Times language of Apocalyptic Islam.

ISIS wants readers to understand their plan to create a global caliphate where everyone submits to Islam comes from the Qur’an and other Islamic scriptures. Regardless of what their critics say, they are emphatic that they are following the true path and that there is a great sense of urgency to obey Allah because the end is very near.

To be clear, it is not wrong necessarily to hold to an eschatology that says the messiah is coming to establish peace and justice on the Earth. Jews and Christians have their own versions of End Times theology, based on the Biblical teachings of the Old and New Testaments. That said, the Bible never calls on Jews and/or Christians to annihilate their enemies to bring about the Kingdom of the Messiah.

However, Apocalyptic Islam teaches exactly this — and this is one of the reasons it is both evil and dangerous.

For policy-makers unfamiliar with the concepts of Apocalyptic Islam, this issue of Dabiqprovides some clear and thus useful language about what ISIS leaders believe:

  • “It is Allah who prepared the Earth for the bloodiest battle before the Hour, to see His slaves sweat in spilling their blood and that of His enemies.” (p. 13)
  • “When the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, returns in the end days to battle the Antichrist — the false messiah — and his army, of the myths he will debunk once and for all are those of his crucifixion and divinity. This will be when he [Jesus] breaks the cross….” (p. 48)
  • “When he [Jesus] returns in the final days, the Messiah will adhere to the Law of Muhammad and wage jihad for the cause of Allah….” (p. 49)


Having studied and read through many previous editions of Dabiq, what strikes me about this edition is how directly ISIS leaders are aiming at the theology and eschatology of Biblical Christianity.

  • There are articles that attempt to “debunk” the “myths” that Jesus died on the cross, rose from the dead, and was divine.
  • The authors try to blame modern Christianity on the Apostle Paul whom they claim was a liar that perverted the real teachings of Jesus.
  • The magazine is full of quotes from the Old and New Testaments, the Qur’an, and other sayings of Muhammad, pitting the ISIS brand of Islam against Judaism and Christianity.
  • There are interview with ISIS jihadists who claim to have been raised as Christians but later converted to Islam — the ISIS brand of Islam — and now are waging jihad, killing with abandon.
  • The article targets Protestants as well as Catholics and includes an article specifically attacking the current Pope as the “enemy” of Islam.

What emerges over eighty-some pages is this: ISIS leaders are calling on Christians around the world to renounce the Gospel and embrace their version of Islam or face slaughter at the hands of jihadists today, and ultimate annihilation by Jesus tomorrow, followed by a sentence to eternal damnation in the fires of Hell.


Finally, I commend to your attention an article titled, “Why We Hate You & Why We Fight You.” (p. 30) Consider a few excerpts:

  1. “We hate you, first and foremost, because you are disbelievers; you reject the Oneness of Allah — whether you realize it or not — by making partners for Him in worship, you blaspheme Him, claiming that He has a son, you fabricate lies against his prophets and messengers, and you indulge in all manner of devilish practices….
  2. “We hate you because of your secular, liberal, societies permit the very things that Allah has prohibited….
  3. “In the case of the atheist fringe, we hate you and wage war against you because you disbelieve the existence of your Lord and Creator….
  4. “We hate you for your crimes against Islam and wage war against you to punish you for your transgressions against our religion….
  5. “We hate you for the crimes against the Muslims….
  6. “We hate you for invading our lands and fight you to repel you and drive you out….” (p. 31-32)

The article concludes by stating clearly and unequivocally that ISIS will not stop killing until every person on earth is a Muslim they way they define Islam.

“[E]ven if you [infidels] were to stop bombing us, imprisoning us, torturing us, vilifying us and usurping our lands,” note the authors, “we would continue to hate you because our primary reason for hating you will not cease until you embrace Islam.” (p. 33)

“The fact is we wage — and continue to escalate — a calculated war that the West thought it had ended several years ago. We continue dragging you further into a swamp you thought you had escaped only to realize that you’re stuck in its murky waters.”

The ISIS leaders explain that, at best, the world of infidels can obtain a “temporary truce” by surrendering to the caliphate and paying the slave tax known as the “jizyah.” But in the end, they are explicit in their objectives: they won’t be deterred from conquering and slaughtering until every man, woman on child is a Muslim of the ISIS brand.


As I have been arguing repeatedly again in recent years (see herehere, here, here,here, and here), it is critically important that leaders in Washington and in capitals around the world read and study carefully what the leaders of ISIS are saying.

ISIS leaders are not hiding their genocidal End Times objectives. Nor are they hiding their hatred of the world’s two billion Christians, plus all other “infidels” who don’t see God and the world and the future the way they do. Rather, they are being as explicit as they can. They want to be heard. They want to be understood. They do not fear being “found out.” To the contrary, they are absolutely certain they are on the winning side of history.

Admittedly, eschatology is not the language of the West’s historic enemies. Most world leaders and their advisor have interest in — and certainly little if any desire to talk about — varying interpretations of Jewish, Christian and/or Islamic End Times theology. But we are living in very different times. These are the cards we’ve been dealt. This enemy is unlike most others we have ever faced. Their motivations are different. Their strategies are different. So are their tactics.

We’d better understand the game, and how its stakes really are, before it’s too late.

NOTE: Be advised that the magazine includes some graphic and gruesome color photographs of ISIS atrocities. I do not recommend children study this issue. Parents and educators should only proceed with caution.

Rumblings Of Ezekiel 38? Turkey-Russia Pact Threatens New Order In Middle East



The deepening diplomatic pact between Turkey and Russia represents yet another damning indictment of the Obama Administration’s ability to maintain relations with Washington’s traditional allies in the Middle East.

Western diplomats regard the decision by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to restore relations with Moscow last month as part of a carefully-coordinated attempt by Ankara to build a new power base in the region.
For decades Turkey, a key NATO member, has said that it wants to forge closer ties with the West, to the extent that Turkish diplomats insist that Ankara is still serious about joining the European Union.
But the increasingly hard-line Islamist approach taken by Mr Erdogan in the wake of the failed military coup, which has seen tens of thousands of judges, academics and journalists forced from their jobs, has caused the Turkish government to realise the prospects of maintaining relations with its Western allies are remote so long as it continues with the current crack-down.
This had led Mr Erdogan to embark on a campaign to reach out to countries such as Russia, which he regards as a viable alternative to the U.S. in protecting Turkey’s interests in the region.
The Turkish leader’s disillusionment with U.S. President Barack Obama predates the tensions caused by the military coup and Turkey’s demand that Washington extradites the exiled Turkish cleric , whom Ankara accuses of orchestrating the failed military coup.
The fall-out between Mr Erdogan and Mr Obama dates back to the American president’s failure to follow up on his threat to launch military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad if he used chemical weapons against his own people in Syria’s brutal civil war.
From the outset of the conflict, Mr Erdogan has been committed to the overthrow of the Assad regime, which is accused of supporting Kurdish separatist groups. It is for this reason that the U.S. has accused Turkey of turning a blind eye to the activities of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists on its lengthy border with Syria.
Indeed, the big stumbling block preventing Turkey from having better relations with Russia was that Moscow was helping to keep the Assad regime in power through the military intervention by Russian forces that began last year.
But in recent months the Kremlin has hinted that keeping Assad in power is not its primary concern. Rather its main objective in Syria is to protect its strategically-important military bases in the country.
This has led to suggestions that, in return for building closer relations with Turkey, Moscow might be prepared to do a deal whereby Assad is removed from power and Russia’s military interests in the country are safeguarded.
And if that outcome could be achieved, then Turkey and Russia would be able to forge a powerful partnership, one that would pose a serious threat to Western interests in the Middle East and beyond.
This is another nail in the coffin of the biblically illiterate Mid East Beast theory, which contrary to Ezekiel’s prophecy, predicts Turkey will lead the Gog Magog attack on Israel. Russia has the hooks in its jaw, and is returning for its prophesied appointment on the mountains of Israel.


Palestinians Hailed for Developing ‘Innovative’ Car-Ramming Terror Tactic

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As jihadists around the world expressed their joy over Thursday evening’s terror attack in southern France, one ISIS sympathizer hailed Palestinian terrorists for pioneering the use of vehicles to attack civilians, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported on Friday.

“Killing by ramming using civilian cars and trucks is an idea born from the Maqdisi [Palestinian] mind, which has an innovative nature of thinking up jihad tactics,” read a posting on a pro-ISIS forum online. “Yesterday they taught us [about] the explosive vest, and many plans for street fighting, and today they taught us this tactic. May Allah bless Jerusalem and the environs of Jerusalem, and may Allah bless all of the Levant…Oh Aqsa, we are coming.”
Vehicular terrorism has become a common method employed by Palestinian Jihadists over the past year. According to Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since September 2015, 46 car ramming attacks have been carried out against Israelis, both injuring and killing scores of civilians and security personnel.
Over the last several years, terror groups — especially ISIS and al-Qaeda — have called on followers to carry out vehicular attacks. In a September 2014 message, ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani said, “If you cannot [detonate] a bomb or [fire] a bullet, arrange to meet alone with a French or an American infidel and bash his skull in with a rock, slaughter him with a knife, run him over with your car, throw him off a cliff, strangle him, or inject him with poison.”
On Thursday evening, Mohamed Lagouaiej Bouhlel, 31, a Frenchman of Tunisian descent, plowed his truck into bystanders who were watching a fireworks display in the French Riviera city of Nice in celebration of Bastille Day. The driver was subsequently shot dead by police after he attempted to open fire on the crowd and security officials.
At least 84 people — 10 of them children — were killed and over 200 were injured. As reported by The Algemeiner, at least six members of France’s Jewish community are among the injured and missing.
Since the Nice attack, Jihadists have openly been offering praise, claiming the event was part payback against the West as well as a warning of more horrific things to come.
According to MEMRI, many terror sympathizers shared gruesome images of the attack online, with captions such as “Nice attack: We warned you”; “It’s beautiful”; “We want Paris before Rome.” Pro-ISIS channel Kawasir Al-Nasher posted a message in English that read: “Oh crusaders, we told you…The next attack is coming soon, we are everywhere, Allah Akbar.”
ISIS media operatives of the French-Arabic group Nashir for Design distributed several online posters and images with the caption, “Inshallah we will conquer your lands, you will become Muslims despite yourselves or you will pay the capitation tax in humiliation, otherwise the sword will slice your necks. It is Allah’s promise.”
Posting photos of dead children in Syria, the group warned, “This is what your planes do to our children, so accept what is happening to you…It is only the start, we are years and years behind!”