Jerusalem: Israel’s Capital

by Anthony Scaramucci


Former WH communications director speaks with Arutz Sheva, hails a ‘new era’ in US-Israel relations. ‘Trump has firm commitment to Israel.’


Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci lauded President Trump’s handling of the US-Israel relationship, saying that Trump’s inauguration had begun a “new era” for the two countries.


Speaking with Arutz Sheva shortly after his address at a conference hosted by Arutz Sheva and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce held at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, Scaramucci said he was optimistic about the US-Israel reliance, and explained his own personal support for the State of Israel.


“If you want to defend liberty, if you want to defend individual freedom, you have to be a fan and a supporter of Israel,” said Scaramucci.


The former Trump Communications Director called President Trump a “great friend of Israel”, and said that his election marked a “new era” in US-Israel relations.


“I also think that the Israeli ministers that I talked to tonight think so. The President has a very, very firm commitment to the State of Israel. I think that the alliance between the two countries has never been stronger.”


“When you think about special relationships in the world, America has a special relationship with Great Britain, but it also has a special relationship with Israel. And I think it’s a bilateral relationship that has a lot of symmetry to it…the United States needs Israel, and Israel needs the United States. It’s a very harmonious relationship, and I think it’s going to continue to get stronger.”


Scaramucci stressed that politics aside, the Trump Presidency has been a great boon for Israel and Israelis, regardless of their views on specific policy questions.


“He’s a great friend of Israel, and he will continue to be a great friend of Israel. And I think that all of the political parties here, regardless of what your political philosophy is, if you’re an Israeli, you’re happy that Donald Trump is in the White House.”


In the full interview, Scaramucci also defended the Trump Administration from accusations of anti-Semitism, discussed his plans to invest in Israeli start-ups, and even touched on President Trump’s most controversial habit – tweeting!


By Yehuda Glick


If the world wants to be relevant to reality, they will recognize Jerusalem, and they will have all their embassies here in Jerusalem.


MK Yehuda Glick (Likud) spoke at a conference held by Arutz Sheva and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, which took place at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.


MK Glick: “Ladies and gentlemen, Shalom. I want to first of all thank Arutz Sheva, and thank Anthony for coming all the way to here to celebrate my birthday! Thank you very much, I could not have dreamt of such a wonderful event. Thank you so much for putting together a wonderful birthday for myself for November 20th here in Jerusalem. Really it was so nice of you for coming. But if I’m already speaking I’ll say a few other things.


“Dear friends: Dovy, Anthony, Joe Frager, Ken, my friend Oren Hazan and Mark Zell, and all the wonderful people from Arutz Sheva, Rabbanit Melamed, all the Baruch family, et cetera, et cetera.


“Ladies and gentlemen, it really is a wonderful miracle to be here. We can’t take things for granted. We’re sitting here in the hotel of King David, in the city of King David; ladies and gentlemen, we have to remind ourselves: Coming to Israel, Anthony, is not just sight-seeing. Coming to Israel is to see the words of the prophets coming out of the book, and materializing, and becoming a reality.


“You can tell Ezekiel: ‘The bones ain’t dry anymore!’ You can tell Jeremiah, ‘Jerusalem is not isolated like a widow anymore,’ and you can tell Zechariah, ‘Children are playing in the streets of Jerusalem’.


“Ladies and gentlemen, the words of the prophets are coming out of the book, and we are writing the next chapter of the Book in our generation, we are seeing it happen with our own eyes, and we have a mission, that Jerusalem should be the Godly capital of the Jewish People and of the world.


“We don’t need the world to recognize Jerusalem; we know Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Every single Jewish couple who got married in the past two-thousand years swore to Jerusalem. Every Jewish family who celebrated Passover said ‘Next year in Jerusalem’. So we know Jerusalem is our capital. If the world wants to be relevant, they will recognize Jerusalem. If the world wants to be relevant to reality, they will recognize Jerusalem, and they will have all their embassies here in Jerusalem.


“The city, the State of Israel, the size of a needle-hole on the globe, but still the leaders of all over the world know that have to come to Jerusalem, because Jerusalem is the city that unites all of us – heavenly Jerusalem and earthly Jerusalem.
“Ladies and gentlemen, once again I want to thank Arutz Sheva who unite the people around here in Jerusalem. I want to remind us we have to establish and announce the sovereignty of the State of Israel all over Judea and Samaria, and on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.”
Turning to Scaramucci, Glick said, “So coming to Jerusalem, we as the representatives of the State of Israel are appointing you as an ambassador of the Godly city of Jerusalem, the biblical city of Jerusalem. God bless Jerusalem, and God bless our very, very best friend, the United States of America.”

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