Rebirth Of The Turkish Caliphate — And Why It Matters

By Phil Mayo


I have provided a link below so you can read and recognise a deception that has now become so well established that some otherwise reliable Christian media outlets have let their guards down to give it publicity. I speak of the Mideast Beast, or Islamic Antichrist. 

How do I know this is deception? I know because its birthplace was Islamic eschatology. Its proponents would now deny this, but the fact is it began when a few of them started studying Islamic prophecy and noticed that Islam’s prophesied ‘Mahdi’ appeared to their eyes to have similarities to the Bible’s prophesied Antichrist.

Why is Joel Richardson prophesying the rise again of the Turkish Caliphate? The answer is because Islamic eschatology has it that this is where the Mahdi will arise.

Proponents of this deception are very careful to tell enquiring students of eschatology not to give credence to Islamic prophecies (I have seen Joel Richardson do this). But one of the best ways to recognise deception is to examine its birthplace. And the Mideast Beast was born of Islamic eschatology.

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