Have Israeli Scientists Found the Cure for HIV?


Researchers are optimistic that the cure for HIV is just around the corner.


New Discoveries

Israeli scientists may have found the cure for HIV. They’ve discovered a peptide, a short chain of amino acid monomers, which allows multiple copies of DNA into HIV cells. This leads the cells to self-destruct. Tests conducted on human cell cultures showed the destruction of all HIV cells and the cultures remained clear after several weeks.


HIV, human immunodeficiency virus, attacks the immune system, and if left untreated causes AIDS and eventual death. Researchers have created a cocktail of drugs that has been able to greatly prolong the lives of carriers. With this recent discovery, however, the disease might become completely eliminated and many lives could be saved.

The Future

Although the scientific community does not see this discovery as significant, researchers in Israel are optimistic that this treatment will be able to help those who are infected with HIV. If all goes according to plan, this treatment will be tested on humans within the next few months.



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