The United Kingdom Stands Alone Against New EU Army


by Jack Minor

The United Kingdom, the country that birthed the greatest missionary endeavours in history and gave the world the King James Bible is standing alone against an attempt by the European Union to form their own standing army to enforce border control and stand against Russian aggression.

The announcement of the EU army came from European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who earlier this year launched a proposal to establish what he called a Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).

At first, the proposal seems innocuous enough; indeed the name itself suggests something akin to NATO, which was formed during the Cold War to provide a unified defence pact between the United States and Western Europe against Soviet aggression. However, unlike NATO which consists of various armies by individual member nations, the CSDP calls for more than mere cooperation. Instead, Juncker is calling for all members to provide money and resources for an army that would be under the command of the EU.

Germany, one of the strongest members of the EU has signalled it is fully on board with the new army.

Responding to Juncker’s proposal, German Defence Minister, Ursual von der Leyen said Germany needs to strengthen defence cooperation in order to help the continent quickly respond to outside threats that may emerge. Leyen said the EU army, that would be under the command of Brussels, is one of Germany’s “long-term goals.”

Junckers, a former Luxembourg Prime Minister said the proposed EU army was not going to be in competition with NATO, rather it is designed to eliminate the differing allegiances soldiers have to their home country.

“A European army would bring an intensive cooperation in the development and the purchase of military equipment and bring substantial savings,” Junckers said, noting that the army would have a common command structure and no doubt be loyal to Brussels rather than their home countries.

Such an army would seem to fit into bible prophesy, especially those verses found in the book of Daniel regarding the kingdoms from which the anti-Christ will rise. As far back as the 1970s, pastors and bible teachers have been warning that the EU could lay the foundation for the one-world government mentioned in Revelation.

However, while support for the EU army seems to be gaining support on the continent of Europe, England has indicated it has no intentions of surrendering its military sovereignty to another entity that would have a say in how its forces are deployed.

The Guardian has reported that a UK government spokesman said it is the established position of the British government that they are not willing to integrate their military into a EU creation.

“Our position is crystal clear that defence is a national – not an EU – responsibility and that there is no prospect of that position changing and no prospect of a European army,” the spokesman said.

Prime Minister David Cameron has taken steps to block England from joining EU-controlled military forces. Cameron has said while he has no issues with cooperating with other nations as part of NATO, “it isn’t right for the European Union to have capabilities, armies, air forces and all the rest of it.”

It appears Germany is not taking kindly to Britain’s objections. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is reportedly preparing to pressure Cameron to change his position on joining the EU army.
However, after having to fight Germany during two World Wars during the last century that nearly ended in England’s defeat, it remains unclear whether the UK is prepared to finally surrender to their former enemies.


The UK’s participation in an EU army will not be an issue if it’s referendum on EU membership, due sometime between now and 2017, returns a decision to leave. That situation would reinforce the prophetic credentials of the ‘man of lawlessness’, whom I explain in my book, already lives above UK law.

If he becomes king of the EU (a position some sources claim he has already applied for) he will be outside that entity’s law by virtue of the fact that his home country will not be a member state. 


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