The Subtle Propaganda Battle Over Maps Of Israel

By Tom Olago

Recently released maps that purport to demonstrate a progressive theft of Palestinian land by Israel since the late 1940’s, have caused an uproar in news circles.

The highly controversial graphics were aired on cable news network MSNBC, which later labeled them “factually wrong” in an apologetic retraction.

Perhaps the most obvious discrepancy was reflected in the first of the four maps which showed Palestine, a state that has never formally existed.

Based on the maps, MSNBC anchors Kate Snow and Martin Fletcher concluded that the areas where the Palestinians have been living have “grown significantly smaller” since 1946 and further described the progression displayed as ‘shocking”.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the images promoted by the network have long been criticized by scholars and anti-Semitism watchdog groups as mere anti-Israel propaganda.

Other experts have also reportedly described the maps as factually inaccurate and highly misleading.

One such reported analysis is that of Breitbart’s Pamela Geller, which in part stated: “The fallaciousness of the map MSNBC used is demonstrated by one simple fact: the flag of Palestine before 1948 featured the Star of David. This is further proof … of the falsity of the vicious historical revisionism by the Muslim world to erase the Jewish State and create a mythical Islamic narrative surrounding five thousand years of Jewish history”.

Another attempt to set the historical record straight was also made by Shany Mor, former director for foreign policy of the Israeli National Security Council. Mor stated that “…none of pre-1948 Palestine was under the political authority of Arabs or Jews.

It was ruled by the British Mandatory government, established by the League of Nations for the express purpose of creating a ‘Jewish National Home.’ It was also—contrary to the claims of innumerable pro-Palestinian activists—the first time a discrete political entity called ‘Palestine’ existed in modern history. And this entity was established in order to fulfill a goal that was essentially Zionist in nature.”

Mor observes that another misleading aspect of the maps is that all non-Jewish owned land is labeled Palestinian. This view, Mor states “…was quite simply not the case”. Additionally, the maps should also show small patches of private Arab land alongside the privately owned Jewish lands, which they do not.

However, the MSNBC broadcast was welcomed and presumed accurate by anti-Israeli activists and journalists, who hailed the network for its analysis. This support is evidently derived from the larger context of the Middle East crisis, and endeavors to further highlight supposed encroachments on Arab land through historical Jewish aggressions.

One might think that the recent MSNBC map distortion was an isolated ‘once in a blue moon’ type oversight.

Yet, there seems to be an increasing number of similar cases in which otherwise reputable map publishers tend to overlook the geographical existence of Israel.

In some past events reported over the past few years:

1. Israel was named Palestine in a map given to Paris schools in an incident reported in September 2015. The omission was blamed on a production error;

2. At the San Diego State University, California in 2013, investigations found that the omission of Israel in a map was deliberate, “in order to reflect the views of Arabic speakers in the Middle East”;

3. Late 2014, UK publishers Harper Collins apologized for the omission of Israel from their Collins Middle East Atlas. It would reportedly have been “unacceptable” to include Israel in atlases intended for the Middle East, so Israel was deleted to satisfy “local preferences.”

4. Giant publisher for children’s books, Scholastic., Inc, omitted Israel from their map publications in 2013. At the time the incident was reported, they remained non-committal as to whether they would correct the omission.

5. In March an Air France in-flight map omitted Israel. This anomaly, described by the airline as a “map scale and display problem” was discovered by a passenger who then blew the whistle. Similarly, in 2009, British Midland International Airlines apologized for omitting Israel from their in-flight maps, also attributed to a technical error.

It would be hard to find such examples of other nations being omitted or factually distorted on such a regular basis. Why is this?

These cases suggest a subtle ongoing propaganda war which some Bible scholars believe will eventually culminate in an international clamor for the total annihilation of Israel and her official removal from the world map:

They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee (Psalm 83:4, 5).


There seems to be no end to the lengths Fakestinians will go to in their attempt to steal the Promised Land from the Jewish people. During the course of a conversation I had with one of them some time ago, he claimed his people were the original Jews, who had converted to Islam.

One of their more regular arguments is that the Jews aren’t indigenous, they are from other parts of the world. I pointed out to one of the journalists working for the propaganda machine: Maan News Agency, that her family name contained the name of the village they came from in Syria. This is common. Over 50% of Arab families living in Gaza are Egyptian. The vast majority of those claiming to be indigenous Palestinians in the West Bank have their family roots in Arab countries, from where they migrated to find work in the Zionist project. Their deified terrorist leader – Yasser Arafat was Egyptian, as was his father. His mother was born in Gaza during the Egyptian occupation.

Their latest absurdity is their claim that the most famous Jew of all time – Jesus Christ, was Palestinian! This is the Jesus Christ who was born in Bethlehem, Judea, 135 years before the Roman emperor Hadrian renamed the land Syria-Palestina. From which we get the English name Palestine. Ask one of those Fakestinians to explain how they got the name when there isn’t a ‘P’ in the Arab language.

We can expect little else if we take into account the absolute garbage these people are taught as history in Arab (especially Palestinian Authority) educational institutions. But there is no justification for Western journalists, who have unfettered access to accurate historical data, to propagate these lies. It is anti-Semitism, pure and simple!

The Jesuit indoctrinated LBC broadcaster – James O’Brien, smugly covers his anti-Semitic butt when he refers to Jesus Christ as a “Palestinian Hippy”. In doing so he commits the most anti-Semitic of acts – robbing a Jew of his identity and homeland. After all, that was why Hadrian gave the name. But O’Brien is smug in the knowledge that no Jewish organisation would take him to task over the issue because it concerns Jesus Christ, and Christian organisations turn the other cheek.

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