ISIS Terrorists Return To Europe ‘Prepared To Do Anything’


by  Deccan Herald

At least 800 extremists recruited by Islamic State or groups affiliated to the al-Qaeda are prepared “to do anything” to launch attacks in Europe, media reports said today.
The Islamist fighters who have returned from Syria or Iraq are preparing to launch attacks in Europe, The Times reported citing Spanish counterterrorism officers.
The Spanish officers referred to the number of jihadists residing on the continent who have been recruited by Islamic State or groups affiliated to al-Qaeda.
Another 350 or so Britons have returned from fighting in the war zone, with security sources acknowledging that some are plotting attacks in the UK specifically.
The warnings came as Spain and Morocco arrested 14 people in a joint operation targeting suspected recruiters for IS.
Those arrested are suspected of involvement in a network to send fighters to areas of Syria and Iraq under IS control, the BBC reported.
Also on Friday, Ayoub El Khazzani, 25, a Moroccan gunman, was overpowered on a high-speed train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris. He was said to be an “Islamist returner,” apparently having left France for Syria last year.
Counterterrorism sources quoted by Cadena Ser, a Spanish radio station, said about 800 extremists on the continent had been recruited by Islamic State or al-Qaeda-affiliated groups.
They said they were waiting for instructions from support networks to commit atrocities when the opportunities arose.
The sources were quoted as saying that they believed El Khazzani had been armed and given instructions by others before boarding the train, and discounted his claim that he was trying to carry out a robbery and was not a terrorist.
Anti-terrorist sources said they were tracking the movements of some of the 800 “returners”, but did not know the whereabouts of all of them.
All have returned from conflict zones and are awaiting their opportunities to carry out an attack, they said.
“These people are not well trained, but they are poised and prepared to do anything. Once they have been indoctrinated, they receive the minimum training,” the radio station’s unnamed source said.
More than 700 Britons are thought to have traveled to Syria and Iraq to support or fight for jihadist organizations. According to Scotland Yard, half of them have returned.

So that means around 350 of those terrorists, who pose a clear and present danger to British people are behind bars, right? Nope! Many are free and able to plan the next 7/7 style bombings.

And whilst it’s true to say they are a small ‘active minority’. The Nazis were also once a small active minority! Don’t be deceived by the mushroom fertilizer shovelled on you by the main stream media. 30 to 40% of British Muslims express support for IS ideology. That means far too close to half fall into the ‘radical’ category.

Doesn’t look like the media portrayal of an insignificant minority anymore, does it?



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