Are British Pro-Abortionists Attempting A Cover-up?

British abortionists were a subject of James O’brien’s LBC show today, complaining about how anti-abortion activists had been instrumental in the closure of an unnamed abortion clinic somewhere in the UK.

O’Brien lambasted listeners with his twisted morality. Telling them how he came to decide abortion was okay when a girlfriend got pregnant, and he realised he had no right to tell her not to have one.

He left out the possibility that his decision might have been influenced by the fact that neither of them wanted their lives interfered with by the arrival of a baby.  Child sacrifice may take different forms, but it’s most commonly done to further the parents self-interests!

Such was his anger against anyone who would accuse him of sacrificing his own flesh and blood, that he even claimed that to defend the interests of the innocent child, was in his opinion, a hate crime

But was this genuinely about the closure of some mystery abortion centre? Or was it a diversionary tactic, designed to cover-up a recent exposure of the diabolical market in aborted babies body parts?


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