UK Poll Shows Up To 1.5 Million ISIS Supporters In Britain


by The Clarion Project

There may be an estimated 1.5 million supporters of the Islamic State in the UK, according to a poll by The Daily Mirror.
Polling company ICM conducted a poll for the newspaper of 2,016 people, who rated their feelings on the Islamic State.
Support for the world’s most notorious terrorist group had risen compared to last year’s poll. Last year, two percent rated their feelings towards ISIS as ‘very favorable’ with five percent regarding the group ‘somewhat favorably.’
This year those numbers have risen with three percent feeling ‘very favorable’ towards the Islamic State and six percent feeling ‘somewhat favorable.’
Overall British opinion of the Islamic State seemed to very hostile. The poll recorded 80 percent of respondents as feeling ‘very unfavorable’ with a further five percent feeling ‘somewhat unfavorable.’ Six percent said they did not know.
This represents a hardening of hostility to the Islamic State. Last year 44 percent of respondents felt ‘very unfavorable’ towards the Islamic State, with 20 percent feeling ‘somewhat unfavorable.’ Then, 29 percent of respondents said they did not know.
The stark disparity can be attributed to the many high profile atrocities perpetrated by the Islamic State since their declaration of a Caliphate a year ago and their blitzkrieg conquest of Mosul and large parts of Sunni Iraq.
Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, who has been outspoken in his opposition to Islamist groups, told The Mirror “I am glad to see that opposition to ISIS has grown over the last year.”
He highlighted the need for greater introspection and willingness within the UK Muslim community to address the problem of radicalization.
“It is a great concern that there is a small percentage of people who are attracted to them,” he said. “It’s why I think that all of us, but particularly within the Muslim community, need to look within our ranks to see how this is happening.”
Photos of a man draped in the Islamic State flag walking near the UK parliament circulated on social media, a few days ago.
President of the Muslim Association of Britain Omer el-Hamdoom condemned the support for the Islamic State, but blamed Western foreign policy for support for the Islamic State.
“One reason may be due to the perception that ISIS represents an opponent to the West and those who are dissatisfied or disenfranchised with the new Tory policies – of further cuts and civil rights strangulation – are using this anonymous platform to express their frustration,” he said.
The Muslim Association is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, which shares the Islamic State’s goal of establishing an Islamic caliphate that enforces sharia law as state law.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s disagreement with the Islamic State is primarily methodological rather than ideological.
Last week Clarion Project’s Ryan Mauro conducted an analysis of four polls showing that the Islamic State has an estimated minimum of 8.5 million supporters across the Middle East, with up to 42 million viewing the group positively across the region.

According to the Muslim Council of Britain, there were 2∙8 million Muslims living in the UK on census day 2011. This Daily Mirror poll shows that around half the present Muslim population supports Islamic State terrorism.

Maybe someone should ask Prime Minister David Cameron to think again before he next declares that Islam is a religion of peace, and terrorists are following some perverted form of the religion, not supported by the vast majority.

The British Government is constantly blowing hot air about finding ways to stop ‘radicalisation’ of Muslim youth. The answer is simple, but they won’t name the real problem for fear of losing the Muslim vote.

If you bring your kids up to revere Nazi ideology, should you stand aghast when they join some neo-Nazi organisation? If your answer is no, why would you not expect them to support, and even join a group like Islamic State after being brought up to revere and follow an ideology that has historically spread by the methods Islamic State are using?  

Don’t be sucked in to the lies of Islamic revisionist historians. The present actions of Islamic State is only the latest of many historical Islamic onslaughts. All just as bloody as what we see today. 


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