Palestinian Parliament: Jews Have No Right to Even “One Inch” of Israel


The Palestinian parliament is continuing to reject any Jewish right to the “land of Palestine”, meaning the entire land of Israel, including the sovereign territory of the State of Israel.

At a special meeting in Gaza on Thursday held on the occasion of Nakba Day, the Palestinian parliament stated that the entire “land of Palestine” is an Islamic endowment, and the Jews have no right to even a single inch of it.

Nakba Day is the day on which Arabs mourn what they view as the “disaster” of the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. It is marked on May 14, the day in 1948 on which Israel became a state.

The parliament also stressed that the “right of return” is a sacred collective and private right and cannot be given up, and added that the Palestinians will never agree to the settlement of the so-called “Palestinian refugees” outside the territory of “Palestine” nor will they ever agree to recognize Israel.

Ahmed Bahar, deputy speaker of the parliament, said in his speech that “the occupation state of Israel was established on the body parts and skulls of children, women and elderly Palestinians who were killed in massacres during which many Palestinians were expelled from their land.”

He then blamed Britain, which ruled the area before the establishment of the State of Israel, for the historical responsibility of the “Nakba” of the Palestinians, and called on it to submit an apology to the Palestinian people for the “injustice” that was done to them.

Bahar further said that any Palestinian who gives up on “the right of return” should be treated as though he had committed treason, in accordance with Palestinian law dealing with the right of return.


I am British, and my message to these Fakestinians is. You are Arabs. There never was a race, nation, or state called Palestinian or Palestine. There isn’t even a phonetic ‘P’ in your Arabic language, so you never named yourself Palestinian. The name ‘Palestine’ was given to the land of the Jews by the Roman Emperor – Hadrian in AD 135 after he ransacked the land, and sold most of it’s Jewish inhabitants on the slave markets. That’s how so many became spread across Europe, Asia and Africa.

But God has, and is bringing his people back. And be warned! Those who stand in His way will fall.



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