Bible Prophecy Experts – Netanyahu’s Win Part Of God’s End Time Plan



Benjamin Netanyahu’s stunning victory in the Israeli elections has led to an eruption of media criticism against the Jewish state and its newly re-elected leader.
But amidst growing concern that Israel will be diplomatically isolated, religious experts warn that such international opposition is not only inevitable, it is necessary to fulfil God’s plan in what many believe are the coming end times.
One of the leading voices warning of the growing hostility to the Jewish people is bestselling author Joel Richardson, whose shocking new blockbuster “When a Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says About Israel in the Plan of God” was released on the very same day as the Israeli elections.
In an exclusive interview with WND, Richardson called the timing “providential” but cautioned the results of “one of Israel’s most important critical elections in its lifetime” do not spell an end to trouble for the Jewish people.
“Although President Obama is no doubt not happy with the results of the election, those who support Israel and her security are breathing a sigh of relief that Netanyahu was re-elected. But as Christians, we also know that regardless as to who is the prime minister of that nation, Israel’s only real security can come from trusting in the Lord.
“In the days ahead, as we draw closer to the fulfillment of the covenant promises of God to the sons of Israel, the rage of Satan and the nations will only increase. What we are seeing now with ISIS and Iran is nothing compared to where it will go.”
Pastor Carl Gallups sounded a similar theme. In an interview with WND, Gallups, author of the bestelling “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation,” suggested the Israeli people understood the threat posed by nations like Iran, even if the mainstream media and the Obama administration do not.
“The people of Israel have spoken. It seems that the majority of Israelis do not want Iran to have nukes, do not support the Obama administration negotiating with Iran regarding the procurement of nuclear weapons, do not want the Arab Palestinians to have a separate state (especially if it involves a land give-away on the part of Israel), do not want militant Islam to dominate the Middle East, and do want more Jewish settlements to be built.
“These were some of Netanyahu’s major planks and, in his words, he won hands down ‘against all odds.’”
Gallups believes the media’s opposition to Israel partially explained the misleading coverage during the campaign suggesting Netanyahu faced certain defeat.
“Prior to, and even during, the election process it seemed the vast majority of what I was reading predicted Netanyahu’s defeat and was proclaiming how this defeat was going to be a ‘good thing’ for the prospects of ‘world peace.’ Either the media’s pre-election analytics were astoundingly poor, or … could it have been that they were actually attempting to convince the Israeli electorate (or themselves) that Netanyahu needed to be unseated?”
However, Gallups says ultimately what is happening in the Middle East is part of a divine plan and subject to the will of God, not the vicissitudes of power politics.
“World events continue to unfold – all centered around Israel and its right to exist and defend itself – just as the Bible foretold thousands of years ago.”
Pastor Mark Biltz agrees that current events in Israel are the fulfillment of a divine plan. The pastor of El Shaddai Ministries and the original discoverer of the four Blood Moons teaching declared, “I believe God was in total control of the elections regardless of the outcome.”
Biltz, author of “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs” and host of the “Blood Moons” DVD says that signs sent by God warn Christians that the world is about to enter a whole new age.
Specifically, Biltz points to a solar eclipse that will take place on Friday as an indication that “time goes back to the beginning as everything is coming into alignment.”
Biltz explained, “This solar eclipse is also a super dark moon and it is over the North Pole. The last total solar eclipse on the March equinox occurred back in 1662 on March 20. It was in the southern hemisphere.”
“What is happening this week will be a first time ever in human history event.”
Biltz believes the timing of the eclipse followed by the appearance of the next Blood Moon signifies that momentous events are soon to follow.
“Having this once in a lifetime solar eclipse aligned with the spring equinox as well as the beginning of the religious calendar all on Nisan 1, just after Israel’s elections, is definitely a sign from the heavens. This is followed two weeks later by a Blood Moon, a total lunar eclipse on Passover, the very day all the firstborn of Egypt died about 3,500 years ago.”
According to Biltz, Netanyahu’s victory is a sign that he has been chosen to lead Israel at this critical juncture. As he put it, “God was putting the one He wanted at the helm of Israel for the perilous times they are entering.”
Laurie Cardoza-Moore, who was named special envoy for Middle Eastern affairs to the World Council of Independent Christian Churches for her expertise on Middle East affairs and Jewish-Christian relations, agrees that Netanyahu has been “raised up for a time such as this.”
In an exclusive interview with WND, Cardoza-Moore stated, “What is happening right now, what is unfolding, is bigger than any world leader is able to understand. All the strategies of man will not work against the nation of Israel.”
Cardoza-Moore specifically identified Obama’s attempt to manipulate the Israeli elections as an example of this failure.
“Obama puts all these millions of dollars and use the same kind of campaign that got him elected to try to unseat Prime Minister Netanyahu. It didn’t work. And he will pay a price.”
Cardoza-Moore called Netanyahu “the key statesman of our world and the Churchill of our age” who is the “only one who understands what is happening in the Middle East and around the world.”
But the U.N. special envoy warned that Scripture states that Israel is likely to face greater threats in the immediate future.
“We know that we are living in the last days. If we look at the policies of the United States government and the United Nations, we can see that they are dividing up the land of Israel. And Obama tried to bring down the King David of our time, for it’s God who raises up kings and brings them down.
“We must remember the final battle takes place against the enemies of Israel. And though Israel must face the wrath of nations around the world for prophecy to be fulfilled, military history doesn’t apply to Israel. God says, ‘I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you.’” (Genesis 12:3)
Also drawing on Scripture, Joel Richardson says understanding the role of Israel and the Jewish people is critically important for Christians to comprehend the end times and how God expects them to act.
“I’m happy to see Islamic Antichrist, a book that is now several years old, once again a No. 1 bestseller, but I truly believe that ‘When a Jew Rules the World’ is my most important book to date.
“Christians need to equip themselves to understand what the Bible says regarding Israel and how it is that we are to stand with her in these last days.”
And Biltz judges the real tests for Christians and everyone else are just about to begin.
“I say fasten your seat belts as this world is about to go on the ride of its life. We are back to square one and a new era begins.”

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