Biometrics To Replace Passwords… Sooner Than You Think


by  Shannon Greenhalgh

Once the territory of futuristic films, soon biometrics may just spell the end for passwords, says V3.
A new report by Visa has shown that nearly half of people aged 16 to 24 believe that passwords and PIN numbers will be old news by 2020. And 69% of those who took part in the study aged between 16 and 24 (Generation Z) believe that using biometric identification will be an easier and faster alternative to remembering passwords and PIN numbers. A large majority of them (76%) would be happy to adopt biometric security when making payments.
Fingerprint scanning is the favoured form of biometric identification. Nearly 70% of respondents in this age group would rather use fingerprints than passwords, while 39% would prefer retina scans and 27% would rather use face recognition.
High-profile investment in biometrics is bringing the technology into the mainstream. Jonathan Vaux, executive director at Visa Europe, said: “Fingerprint biometrics in particular are entering the mainstream as a security measure, with the likes of Apple and Samsung relying on biometric security to enter their phones, and more recently the launch of Touch ID and Apple Pay.”
And the technology will continue to evolve. Fingerprint identification will one day scan vein patterns rather than using the current systems which can be hacked. Innovations such as these, plus increased demand from consumers, will start to break down some of the scepticism surrounding the technology.
“We mustn’t discount biometrics as a viable form of security. When passwords were first introduced consumers needed to be educated on how to be safe and secure when using them,” commented Vaux.
But it may not be the end of passwords – they may still be used as a second layer of security. “In the future there may not be one security measure, but a combination of several – the biometric equivalent of two-step authentication,” Vaux concluded.



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